Monday, February 01, 2010

Mobius Strip

Blackthorn has been slogging it pretty hard, making his way through Outland.

He has discovered that Briarthorn and Goldthorn are great sellers, and that Alchemy Masteries are not available until lvl68 (which was disappointing, since I thought it might have been around lvl65 for some reason).

On Friday night, BT ran a couple of Outland instances as DPS. He was only lvl63, and I didnt feel he had the necessary spells to tank properly. Namely, he was missing Blood Tap (remove the cooldown from a Blood Rune and converts to a Death Rune) and Dark Command (the DK taunt).

The first run was Blood Furnace. Kinda strange, since I hadn't completed Ramparts yet, but that's probably a side effect of the Random Dungeon in the new LFD tool. The run was ok, with a couple of wipes and a couple of bad pulls were we ended up on top. We actually had early healer exit just after the first pull. It was hard to tell if they left because we said to no to the healer needing on all the greens, or if it was because the tank was a little on the slow side. The value of the hero class came through, with him topping the DPS charts against a lvl66 Boomkin and the lvl63 Hunter. Also beat the lvl66 tank, but that's not really a fair comparison.

I'm not normally one to watch the DPS meters too much, other than to check I'm up to scratch, and I'm aware that ranged damage from cross realm party members is always lower than reported. However, we were all from the same server, except for the healer, so there was no need to add the pinch of salt to the results.

The healer left, and we agreed to join for another round in 5 min or so. I took a visit to HFP and starting leveling the Axe I had scored from the last boss of BF. As it turns out, max weapon damage is the key stat at lower levels, rather than calculated AP. This is mostly because abilities like Heart Strike are based on that weapon damage.

The tank, who was also party leader, signed us up for another random, and we came up with Mana Tombs. I thought that Mana Tombs would have been a little out of my and the Hunters league. However, no one mentioned anything so on we trucked.

Then we had group drama.

The hunter kept pulling aggro, or the tank was taking aggro fast enough. So the healer would try to keep the tank up, then try to keep the hunter up, and a little backward and forwards argument started between the tank, hunter and healer. The tank tried to initiate a kick, but it was too early. We tried for another couple of pulls, no one died, but still, the hunter and tank were on the defensive and spoiling for a fight.

After the 15min counter was up, the tank initiated a kick of the healer, and off he went. We'd only got passed the first boss, so it wasn't all bad. But still, I wasn't a fan of kicking the healer since he wasn't doing a bad job. Unfortunately, the hunter was pulling aggro by attacking mobs while the pally tank was doing a LOS pull and hadn't taken full threat yet.

Anyway, we got another healer in and completed the rest of the instance will a few more wipes (bloody fearing Nexus Terrors) and little other drama. I did note, however, that we were able to complete the instance with no use of Crowd Control what-so-ever. I do remember that back in the day, CC was king.

I must say, I do enjoy the shorter runs of Northrend and not having to do as much CC.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to do any more runs in Outland. Maybe I'll try to complete a Ramparts run, but that's about it.

Since then BT has managed to hit lvl66. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to lvl67 tonight.

Had an interesting experience grouping while in Terokkar Forest. While BT was level 64, he joined with another DK, who was 66 to complete the Unruly Neighbors quest. He then offered to help with the other quests (to which I declined), but insisted he needed them too.. and then asked me to share them all. So I did, and it turn out he hadn't really picked any of them up.

As we ran round, killing Timber Wolves and looting for the associated quests, he kept fiddling with the loot settings. First to round robin, then free for all and finally to master looter. I think it was mostly so he could pick up the quest items before I could. I had already got into a pattern of only looting every second kill anyway, but after two greens dropped and he snaffled them both, it was game on. I'd loot whatever I could, even if it was just for junk and quest drops.

We managed to clear out the population of Timber Wolves pretty quickly, and after about a minute of him flying around, I mentioned he might want to pick up Olemba Seeds as well. Maybe I sounded too much like his mum, because at that point, he said "cya" and dropped group. He's on my friends list now. I'm going to keep a tab on this Blood DK who was two levels above me, didn't use diseases and had rubbish DPS.

Final thought for the post. Raiding on Aman'Thul. Playing on Aman'Thul is quite different from Malygos, from my perspective, anyway. And I guess this is mostly because of the timezones. Anyway, the raid action is definitely there, with groups being formed all the time. However, the disturbing trend is that you can only get into one of these raid PUGs if you have already have the achievement, and a 5K GearScore, even if it's just for a ToC10 badge run. It looks like if you want to get into the raiding PUG scene on Aman'Thul, you'll need to get in a raiding guild to complete it first. However, why would you bother with PUG raids when you're in a raiding guild?

When I do start tanking in Northrend, if I ever get a healer to complains about my GearScore or my Health Pool, and proclaims "I cant heal that", they're going to get kicked.

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