Friday, February 12, 2010

Mayhaps a Migration

Aman'Thul had a bit of emergency maintenance last night to try and fix some database issues that were making themselves know by introducing some heavy lag while looking at trade list windows and looting. That was at about 11pm.

I still hadn't had my fill, so I headed over to Malygos and did something I hadn't done for a very long time. I started leveling my hunter, Nevynoch. Hunters are still easy mode, while leveling, though Nevy does have a few heirloom items. Having said that, I did die once due to me being level 70, my tenacity pet, the little bear Cheeks being lvl 66, and me not knowing where all my emergency keys are, or even being that familiar with the hunter abilities.

Anyway, this has got me thinking again about migrating some toons to Aman'Thul. When Cataclysm is released, I'd like to level a Worgen Druid. I'm leveling Blackthorn, a Death Knight, and I've got a priest bank alt.

Back on Malygos, I've got a full realm of a toon of every class. All of them, with exception of the Hunter and Mage are at lvl80. I won't be able to migrate all of those to Aman'Thul, and there are some that I'd not migrate, because I don't have much interest in playing that class in any capacity. However, here are a short list of alts on Malygos that would be eligible for migration, should I choose to migrate any. This migration would be on the basis that I would use Blackthorn as my tanking and melee DPS toon, and the Worgen Druid as my healing toon.

Pathak, Warrior, Herbalist and Blacksmith

Pathak would be eligible for this Blacksmithing. There are a number of BoE items that Blackthorn will be interested in getting at lvl80, and Pathak can make them all. The prices for those individual items is around 900g to 1500g, depending on the day you go looking. And considering I'd like Blackthorn to have tanking and DPS kit, that looks like about 7K in equipment.

Colerejuste, Paladin, Miner and Jewelcrafter

Col would be eligible for his Crusader Aura while farming for ore, and his Jewelcrafting. He can also has access to a Titansteel cooldown, which would help with crafting BTs gear.

Bojsen, Warlock, Shadowcloth Tailor and Enchanter

Enchanting is a tough gig. And I'm not particularly looking forward to doing it again with Crumpler, so I may just take Bojsen to fill that gap. Tailorings not particularly fun, either, and he does have that speciality.

And those are the toons that would need to move. There's a bit of a maybe list, as well. Mostly because there would be a place for them, but it's not absolutely necessary. That list is:

  • Fidgette, Rogue, Mining and Engineering. Handy for an auctioneer in Dalaran.

  • Grizzlyadam, Priest, Mooncloth Tailoring and Elixir Alchemist. Moonlcloth production would be handy for large bags, and I'd probably convert him back to Transmute Alchemy.

  • Dubh, Druid, Skinning and Leatherwork. This is mostly because of the leather work, which would continue to serve the new Worgen Druid. I really liked playing the druid, and I could have one be resto/feral and the other be resto/balance. Or even just have one be resto PvE/resto PvP. The sad thing here is that I'd likely not get the same when I transferred.

There would be the toons I cant move, and that would be Hinny, a Death Knight, Miner and Herbalist. You can only have one DK per realm.

And then there would be the toons I'd have no interest in moving.
  • Nevynoch, Hunter, Herbalist and Scribe
  • Chivers, Mage, Tailor and Alchemist. I think he's a spellcloth tailor and transmute alchemist.
  • Znakharka, Shaman, Herbalist and Skinner. She was fun to level, but totems just aren't my thing. Plus lack lustre performance in PvP was also a bit off putting. I'd rather PvP with a resto druid.

Now, at US$25 a pop, I'm not going to start transferring yet, but the thought is definitely there.

Hmm, this blog would probably get a name change, too.. Probably to just Blackthorn.

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