Friday, February 26, 2010

Blackthorn stalls

Blackthorn hit 80 during the week, and now he's a little scared and in an odd spot with regards to gear.

I'd really like to tank with Blackthorn.  It's been a long time since I've accepted any tanking responsibility. 

The last time I did it was with Pathak during TBC.  He got as far as running heroic Steamvaults, but I felt I never had the gear or skill to do heroic Mechanar for the best pre-raid weapon in TBC.  Threat generation was a little bit of a problem for Pathak, and he had two weapons to help get the job done.  The first was a slower weapon for initial hits, and to help get rage up, and the second was a fast dagger used during periods of rage dumping.

Anyway, Blackthorn is only just at defense cap, and has 6 more defense skill points to earn on his natural defense skill.  Currently, he's about 23K unbuffed HP, and has all his prot gear enchanted and armor kitted where possible (except for the belt socket).  With the appropriate Flask or Elixirs, food and scroll buffs, he's get some more HP.  All he has to do is visit IF, and practice his threat rotation, then start off tanking with something easy, like Nexus or UK.

Blackthorns DPS is something else.  I haven't practiced his rotation against the dummies, so I'm not sure what this theoretical max DPS is, however, he's typically doing about 1K DPS while soloing, and that's not good enough for heroics. 

And Blackthorns PvP gear leaves alot to be desired as well.  I did Wintergrasp last night, running around with only 17K HP.  On the bright side, I did get enough honor to purchase the epic honor bracers.  That ought to do something useful for my DPS, in PvP and PvE.

I think the plan of attack will be to practice my tanking rotation in IF and attempt to tank a regular Nexus, where I still have all the outstanding quests.  If that goes well, then I should complete the lead in quests for the other regular instances, and tanking them in order of difficulty.  Eventually, I should get enough quest rewards to fill the gear gaps (some analysis will be needed here), bet better at tanking and bolster my confidence somewhat.  It should do some reasonable things for my rep as well, which will further fill some gear gaps.  The only problem here is that rep gear seems to be quite comparable to crafted items, with the exception of the defense chest plate at revered with the Wyrmrest Accord.

And in between times, running Wintergrasp should get some some PvP hear that will replace my low level greens and help my DPS to the point where I can run heroics and get some decent PvE gear that has more appropriate stats than resilience.

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