Monday, February 15, 2010

Blackthorn Flies

Moving Pathak, Col and Boj has done some interesting things for Blackthorn.

It has allowed him to get access to a Tome of Cold Weather Flying, and has given him enough funds for an epic flyer and the riding skill to go with.  Which, in turn, makes doing dailies and getting around alot quicker.

Blackthorn's daily routing has expanded a little, now that he has hit 74.  He starts with the Dalaran Cooking and Fishing dailies, then depending on the fishing quest, will go to Howling Fjord or Dragonblight for the first Kalu'ak daily (and fishing daily in the Frozen Sea).  From either destination, he'll duck over to the Grizzly Hills PvP dailies to get some Venture Co coinage.  So far, he's earned enough coin for one of the Sigils (the one that improves Death Coil), but will keep doing those dailies until he has the cloak and the trinket.  After this he'll go for the second Kalu'ak daily (64% through revered, so it shouldn't take more than a week to get to exalted), and then over to Borean Tundra for the last Kalu'ak daily.

When I was leveling Dubh, the Idols available from the Venture Co PvP were a definite upgrade, however, I'm not too sure about the DK Sigils.  The first Sigil that BT picked up is the Sigil of the Dark Rider.  Since Heart Strike appears at least twice in his soloing rotation, an extra 180 dmg is quite nice.  When deciding what Sigil to get next, I went with the popular opinion of Sigil of the Wild Buck.  However, in a solo rotation, I don't get to fire off DC all that often, and it's usually an afterthought when I've got a runner, or I notice I'm sitting on 100 rune power, and could do with losing a bit of it.  I've got a feeling that Wild Buck might be more for PvP, or maybe a more solid DPS rotation on instance bosses.  I think I will stick around with the Venture Co dailies, and pick up Sigil of the Frozen Conscience.  This seems like a good AoE tanking sigil, offering a bit more dmg and threat against trash.

Blackthorn didn't do alot of leveling this weekend, but instead got caught up in the Lunar Festival.  I've still no idea why I'm bothering with it.  Perhaps it is just for the achievement of it, since I've hunted down all the Elders of Kalimdor, Elders of the Alliance, and 2 Elders of the Horde.  After my dailies tonight, I'll continue the chase of Elders across the Eastern Kingdoms.  The Undercity is going to be interesting.  I'll have to make sure my bags have plenty of space so I can do the run naked, and try to avoid gear damage.

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