Monday, January 25, 2010

Money making on a new server

One of the not nice things about starting a new toon on a new server is character support and the lack of gold from your alts.

When I leveled Colerejuste on Malygos, he had the benefit of a host of other alts to draw resources from, and supply him with materials like meat, cloth and ore for his cooking, first aid and jewelcrafting. And it was even easier for the other alts, as the number of characters made it to lvl80, opened up dailies, and made saving 5K gold for epic flying mounts an easier task than normal.

However, Blackthorn is going to find this a little more difficult, since he's all on his lonesome, with only Crumpler to back him up as his bank alt.

Death Knights start with a full set of 16 slot bags and about 30g, I think. That's a pretty good start, compared with Crumpler, who started with 1 16 slot backpack and not even a copper to his name. However, DKs will start out with some pretty hefty bills at the start. Profession leveling, possibly flying at lvl60 (or is it 61), and repair bills. As a result, your new DK on a new server probably wants to pick up at least one profession that will earn him some coin.

For BT, that profession is herbing. The herbing/alchemy combo has always been a pretty solid starter for money making and buffs. Mixology also makes the buffs from elixirs even more competitive with extra stats earned via smithing, jewelcrafting or engineering. I figured, why should I level something like smithing when all it's only going to get me access to designs I'm likely to only use once. After all, I've never been one to stand around a capital city and spruik my wares. Sure, if you have the full support of other alts, the combo of an transmute master and JC are a license to mint gold, but I don't think I'll be doing that this time around.

So with herbing in mind, BT has forgone an initial rush into Outland and is working on leveling his herbing and alchemy, so he can collect Felweed when he happens on it in HFP. The first part of herbing is easy enough. Just run rings around Elwynn Forest, collecting all the Peacebloom and Silverleaf you can. You may as well pick up the Earthroot, but it's not really used when power leveling your alchemy.

The next herb that's required in Briarthorn, and you'll need alot of it. I had a little look on our AH to see if I could stag some for cheap. Not going to happen. It was listed at 99g for a stack of 20. Nice to know. If it actually sells for that, I've got myself a little money maker down the track.

The best place to pick up Briarthorn and other herbs is the Barrens. However, it was rumored that Razorfen Kraul was also a handy place to pick it up. BT did a few runs of RFK, picking up Briarthorn, and harvesting the piggies for Boar Ribs, a material used for powerleveling cooking. In the end, I found RFK to be a little slow. It's a big place, and even though a DK can solo it, there was just too much time spent fighting mobs, when I'd rather be moving through to the 3 or 4 points where Briarthorn can be found. However, BT is likely to be back once he hits 70, and can move a little more freely through the instance.

This is my route through RFK. It's a big place, and has three main arms.

The first arm leads to a little dead end, and has at least one Briarthorn spawn. Basically, keep left, run along the root above the piggy chasm until you hit the dead end. Somewhere along there, you'll come across a Briarthorn. There's usually 3 in a loot.

The second arm is the piggy chasm. Running back from the dead end, drop in to the chasm and head east. Your goal here is to kill all the piggies for their Boar Ribs. You may find a Briarthorn spawn in here as well. Depending on your lvl, you may be able to aggro all of the piggies, run them all to the far end of the chasm and AoE them down. At lvl58, that's unlikely. However, it should be possible at lvl70. Once you've killed and looted all the piggies, check out one of the side tunnels for Briarthorn. Its a spot where there is are two quest givers, a goblin and a night elf. Normally, you'd run these guys as an escort if you were completing the dungeon at level , at the end of the run. There's usually a Briarthorn and Fadeleaf spawn in that area. Though if you're just there for Briarthorn near the start of your herbing leveling, you'll probably not be able to collect the Fadleaf.

The second arm is the final boss arm, along which you'll find two spawn points for Briarthorn. From the piggy chasm, run all the way back to the start, and walk up one of the roots. When you get to the top of the root, turning right and a quick left will take you back to the entrance, so make your way left instead. You'll go into a little chasm and as you some out of it, there will be a group of mobs on your right in a little dead end rise. There's usually a Briarthorn spawn point there. Grab that, and keep following the path. You'll cross a bridge to a small mesa that has 3 or 4 mobs on it, and usually a Briarthorn spawn. You should be able to collect it without aggroing the mobs.

Continue along the next bridge, making a right turn on that mesa, avoiding the guards by keeping left and then run along the double bridge. There will be 2 stationary guards and 2 patrolling guards here. You should be able to take them at any level.

Once you're crossed the final bridge, you should be at a cave. The cave is full of bats. Turn left at the entrance, making your way through it, ignoring the mobs guarding the shielded wall until you some to the second group of mobs. You'll probably pick up a group of bats at lower levels. Once you've killed the bats, left to the left of those mobs, and move up the tunnel to the area with the final dungeon boss. There should be a Briarthorn spawn here, too. From here, you can probably take the boss for a little free silver, but you'd probably just jump down into the piggy chasm and run back to the entrance for a reset and do it all over again.

And that's it. It would probably be better form if I had a map, but the place is confusing enough as it is. A quicker run at higher levels would probably be to take the final boss route first, then jump in the piggy chasm, then take the first route with the dead end. I'll leave that up to you. For now, that's my plan for some easy money on a new server at lower levels. Briarthorn and Boar Ribs. I've also been selling BoE greens for 3 or 4g a pop, figuring that some powerleveling enchanter alt will pick them up. BT and Crumpler have managed to pull together 100g so far, from these and excess herbs.

BT is also likely to level cooking, and take advantage of fishing pools where ever he finds them. Hopefully, he'll come across the Find Fish spell, and put that on a macro with Find Herbs. There's money to be made in fishing and cooking dailies too, but it becomes alot easier at level 80, with the Dalaran quests.

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