Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducting Blackthorn

It seems I'm a glutton for punishment, and it's all self inflicted.

Since the announcement of Cataclysm and the introduction of the Worgen and Goblin playable races, I've been wondering how I was going to fit a character of each race into the play rotation. You see, I've filled my ten slots on Malygos with an alt of every class already, and I'd like to have a Worgen something on there, even if it only makes it to level 20, just to experience the intro quests. Same goes for the Goblin race. I had resigned myself to the fact that I'd just have to start on a new server, and he would start on his lonesome. The goblin could start on Barthilas, since I've only got Misnomer on there, plus a handful of alts that haven't had that much work put into them.

Recently, one of our prominent guild members moved a considerable amount of his toons from Malygos to Aman'Thul, an Oceanic PvE server. He's quite the raider, but was finding raid time difficult on Malygos given that it was a US based server, and our prime play time was the wee hours of the morning there. The pastures are quite green on Aman'Thul with Dalaran being quite full on a weeknight, just like Malygos is on an early Saturday morning.

So Teg established an OOO chapter on Aman'Thul and invited us over to join him.

Now, I'm still not much of a raider, so there was no real reason to move. Other than Malygos being quite quiet, guildwise. We're a pretty small guild as it is, and we've all got different motivations for play. Very rarely do we all group up for an instance, and with the introduction of the Looking For Dungeon tool, there's even less of reason for the guild, with the exception of the social aspect. So I thought I'd complete my goals with Dubh, and then start leveling Chivers. But that changed this weekend.

On Friday night, I started a Death Knight on Aman'Thul called Blackthorn (Blackthorne was taken). He's human and very dark. I went for human because I do so hate the rep grind, and 10% rep gains are very handy. The Every Man For Himself racial isn't too shabby for PvP either. My goals for Blackthorn are to level via tanking instances and doing battlegrounds. And since he's new to the server, he's taken up Herbing and Alchemy. The herbing is part of the strategy for money making, and alchemy is so he can get some buffs on his buffs via Mixology. It's highly likely he'll be an Elixir Master.

So far, Blackthorn is still lvl58, though he's done quite well in leveling his herbing and alchemy up to 175 and 169 respectively. I really want to hit the ground running when I start doing a few basic quests in Outland. Once I get some basic gear upgrades, it'll be tank time on the Ramparts.

I also have a new bank alt on Aman'Thul. He's a dwarven priest called Crumpler. I did want to go with Bags, but that was also taken, so I went this my favourite brand of bike bag instead. His job will be to run between the mailbox and the AH with occasional side trips to the bank, and make a bit of money from the BoE drops that Blackthorn finds. As a precaution, he has picked up Tailoring and Enchanting as professions, but I don't expect he'll take those very far. I've no desire to level another toon from lvl 1 for the moment. He might make it to level 10, but not for a while.

And this brings me full circle. I now have a home for my Worgen when Cataclysm is released. By then, I should have Blackthorn fully leveled, and hopefully strutting around in T9, earned via heroic emblems.

Current play rotation is to do
  • the daily cooking and fishing quests on Dubh,
  • do the Outland cooking quest on Dubh
  • do a daily heroic on Dubh (slowly getting there with a full set of T9)
  • level herbing and alchemy on Blackthorn

Dubh is still doing those Outland cooking dailies because she's two goals short of getting her Chef title. She's waiting for Soup for the Soul to come up, and waiting for the Kibler's Bits recipe to drop. The Northrend cooking and fishing dailies get done because they're so easy, and provide a little bit of income to keep things interesting. She really should work the Kalu'ak dailies in there too, for the fishing rod, but the round trip between the 3 zones is too much of a time kill. Perhaps when she has her Chef title, she'll work on her Salty title.

There's more to ramble on about, but I might make that a separate post.

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