Monday, December 07, 2009

Druid Healing, Baby!

It's been a little while since the last update, but I've been busy... playing... a druid. It's fantastic, and I cant believe it took me so long.

Dubh has caught up to 80, and has dual spec'd for feral and resto. For a little while, I did try balance as the primary levelling spec, but I discovered that with very little gear that had +int, and most craftable +int leather gear not being available until lvl74, it was going to be a hard slog through the remainder of lvl70 onwards.

So back to feral I went, and picked up resto as the secondary spec.

Levelling Dubh didnt quite follow my usual pattern of HF, BT, Dragonblight, ZulDrak and Stormpeaks. This time, I did HF, BT, Grizzlyhills, Dragonblight, Stormpeaks, though spent a few days doing the Venture Co PvP dailies to get some of the goodies out there. I'm still sporting one of the trinkets from out that way.

Speaking of levelling, unless there is a requirement of Cataclysm to progress profession levelling, Chivers and Nevynoch (mage and hunter) are likely to stay at lvl70 for quite some time.

I spent quite a while farming for leather and dailies (so I could buy more leather) to kit Dubh out in some pre-heroic resto gear. Mainly the crafted LW epics. Actually, only the crafted LW epics.

I had tried healing a reg Gundrak, but I just wasn't sure how I would go with heroics. One of my guildies asked me if I had reg ToC on farm yet, and I hadnt. Then he asked if I had my Moonshroud gear. Moonshroud? Cloth? But, but, I'm a druid. The leather wearing variety. But it made sense. My pally had picked up healing mail in TBC to help cover the gap until healing plate dropped, so why shouldn't a resto druid pick up some moonshroud crafted epics until replacements come along.

So I picked up some Moonshroud epics (chest and gloves, I think), then we went out to Zul'Drak and completed the Arena questline for what is possibly the best quested resto mace, and then I also had Nevy craft an off-hand book to complement. I did a bit of farming, and got Col to make the crafted spell neck and rings, and did a little AH trading to complete my Darkmoon Illusion set. Chivers whipped up a few elixirs to boost SP and MP5, not to mention AP/Agi and Str/Expertise, should she get called on for DPS or tanking. And last, but not least, Boj picked up a few relevant enchants. Now I know why Dubh was one of the last toons to come through. I was levelling all those others for support.

Since then, Dubh has been able to run a few reg ToCs. But the real progress was this weekend.

It started with a Heroic VH. I'd run heaps of those with Col and GA. How could it be? I actually wanted to do the daily, but someone asked me specifically for that instance, so what the hell. Got the instance done, only one death where the shammy went from full health to nothing in the space of 2 seconds on the last boss. I did get to see a fantastic feral staff, but we had a cat in the group, so I didn't even get to roll Greed on it. That was Friday night.

Saturday night, I pugged the daily (Heroic Nexus) which completed without incident. Awesome. I also picked up the feral chest piece. Double awesome. Then the big test.. heroic ToC. For the most part, it was ok, but I did have trouble on the final boss. I just didnt expect the damage to be so nuts. I died first (I think), then they kept falling over one by one until only our warrior was left standing. Yep, that's right, our warrior, who was there to gear up, managed to down the Black Knight with very little in the way of healing. That's how I saw it, anyway. Actually, I think the DK in the group might have been ok as well (Hi Von!). Well, it could have gone better, but I did pick up the resto chest piece, which I have since gemmed with 23 SP 2x, and chanted with Powerful Stats. I don't expect to replace that for quite some time.

Dubh also been doing her dailies. For a start, it was Sons of Hodir and Argent Tournament. Then I worked in the cooking daily as well, after levelling cooking to a decent level. More recently, I've been doing Cooking, Fishing, Argent Tournament and Ebon Blade dailies, with trips out to Dragonblight and BT for the Kalu'ak, so I can eventually pick up the fishing pole.

The Argent Tournament has been pretty good for upgrades. The feral staff, feral boots and I think the belt as well have been fairly handy. I've completed Darn, and SW, and will complete IF this evening. That will just leave Exodar and Gnomer left. I cant quite remember if I actually need to get exalted with those factions to get access to the Silver Covenant dailies, but I guess I can stop taking the gold and start taking writs, if need be. I did have a little go at completing the IF/Gnomer start areas for extra rep. I've still got the Gnomeregan instance up my sleeve, plus the lvl 10-20 IF area for quests. I suspect that I should probably be donating 10g a day for extra SC rep, since I'll probably need exalted with them.

This is turning into a massive post, and I haven't even got to the bit I wanted to go on about. Stay tuned for more, or at least come back in a couple of days.