Friday, September 04, 2009

Reply: ToC is too easy

World of Matticus is a blog worth my reading, worthy of any avid WoW players reading. After reading one of his more recent articles(Read more:, and then reading the Comment Guidelines, I decided a reply post on my blog would be more appropriate.

I am the casual casual WoW player. My schedule is unpredictable, and my priority is family first (even though I just live with my GF, but its a mantra that will stick when we make the bigger moves in life), making the time I need to set aside for raiding an impossibility. Somehow, I still manage to wrack up 35 hours a week in WoW time.

I still get to run heroics with a couple of my toons. In fact, I only run heroics. It happens with a regular group. We're fairly comfortable with our abilities, and since the rest of the group actually raids, they know my DPS on whatever alt I bring, isnt going to do much more than 2.2K DPS. We usually do the heroic daily, then do a ToC, then swap toons, and do them both again.

Not once has it ever been mentioned that ToC was too easy. We still run out at the end of phase one, we collect our emblems, DE the loot and move on.

I cant imagine that its the gear mongers that are complaining. If the gear is from ToC is slightly better than Ulduar, they're probably the last folks to complain, unless they've got the gear already.

I cant imagine that its the folks truly after a challenge. They can just remove their gear, do Heroic Occulus with a PuG or put Yogg with all keepers on farm (they've got him on farm, right?)

What you've got left are the bored, the posers and these special people.. the ones talked about in this quote. "Thus their ego shattered and the crying began in full force.". I LOL'd.

For me, these are the ones that probably put alot of effort into getting their gear, earning their achievements, and but didnt get satisfaction from actually doing it. They only satisfaction they get is that other people might not get to do it. Nevermind that 9 or 24 other people helped them get there. Now they're having a tanty because someone else who doesnt raid can get equivalent gear just by running with 4 other people in the space of 30 to 45 min, instead of doing the schedule for 10 or 25.

That's a behaviour I describe as childish and selfish. They've got a toy, and they dont want anyone else to have it. It probably didnt occur to them that the other 9 or 24 people in the raid are collectively more important, given that its easier to replace one participant than the remainder of the group.


I just had a read of the thread linked as the QQ thread in the original post.

Judging from the armory of the original poster, this person is a very accomplished raider. And I'm inclined to admit, the person even has a point, up until the the last comment:
"Lets give out gear better than Hard Mode Ulduar, that was hard earned by guilds, to the worst of the worst."

That's the childish behavior right there. There's someone who fears the better player taking their spot. There's someone who judges the worth of another player based on the collective iLevel of their gear, rather than their actual skill and what they can bring to the raid.

I am the casual casual WoW player. I don't raid because of real life commitments, but I play, and log alot of hours for alot less reward than you do. I like getting shiney gear just as much as you do, though I'll never put it to use like you will.

And if you think Blizzard is ever going to alienate their customer base by making equalizing gear impossible to get, you should know, I am legion.


  1. ToC they are referring to is not Trial of the Champion (5 man), but Trial of the Crusader (10/25 man). It is too easy. The 5 man is correct in difficulty - you get better rewards than the other heroics, but the instance is harder. The 10/25 man gives much much better rewards than normal mode Ulduar, but the fights are basic to learn and much easier to execute. The requirements in terms of tank health are higher, but that is it. It is an utterly disappointing raid and I cleared the first four bosses in one hour (I was MT) on my first visit there. The rewards are also better than Ulduar hard mode, which is a nonsense given how challenging and well tuned the Ulduar hard modes are. Ulduar was brilliant, ToC is terrible.

  2. ToC isn't terrible, it's a really fun, interesting raid. It has its own hard mode, and while not nearly as challenging as Uld's hard mode, it is still pretty fun. Just because ToC has better gear, though, only makes it easier to get to ToC hardmode. Blizz isn't 'handing out the epics,' they're bridging the gap between older and newer content. Try to tell me that even the most elite guilds will have players that need upgrades from this content still.