Monday, September 07, 2009

Min-maxing PvP gear

Bojsen has been hitting the BGs hard, in his quest for better gear, and to give his higher self a break from leveling his 3 remaining alts.

He now has 6 bits of epic gear, 2 of which are crafted, and one of which is Titan-Forged. The rest are Hateful or Deadly Gladiator bits, earned through honor.

Last week sometime, I wrote up a list of items for various slots that were available to me via Wintergrasp marks or honor, then used Rawr to compare the benefit each item for each slot would give me.

Not all slots could be populated via WG marks, and I was never going to get a PvP weapon better than the crafted Spellblade and Iron-bound Tome.

Somehow I thought I could do this crazy scheme where I could make best use of my honor grind by only picking up bits that were not available via WG marks, thus appearing to make my WG mark expenditure go further.

By very first honor purchase was the Hateful shoulders. This was earned with honor gained while leveling from lvl76 to 80. Since then, its been the waist (WG marks), hands and feet (both Deadly). Given the rate that I was able to pick up the 81200 honor needed for those two later items, compared the the accumulation of WG marks needed for the waist (only 15 marks, and 12 accumulated since then), trying any sort of min/max deal is just folly.

The idea was that I would buy the bits with honor that would be replaced by WG bit last. And that ends up being legs, chest and head. The small problem with that is that you are constantly behind the 8 ball, and you cant accumulate WG marks as quickly as you can accumulate honor.

As at the time of writing, I've only got a wrist purchase to make, via 15 WG marks or 31,600 honor, and then all the remaining bits are alot of WG marks (25 ot 40) or 49,600 honor each. At that price, I'd be foolish to only go for bits that wont be replaced by WG marks. I should go for what benefits me most, which is likely to be the head piece.

This really hit home the other day in an Eye of the Storm, when no one else was around to grab the flag. So I grabbed it, started running, saw the base I was running to was quickly overrun by Horde, so I started for the other. I had two healers on me, but neither thought to Cure Poisons, and couldnt keep me up through a rogue onslaught. While waiting to respawn at the GY, one of the healers did mention in the BG channel that I shouldnt have picked up the flag with only 17K HP, and that it "was just poop".

I'm inclined to agree. I shouldnt have had to pick up the flag, but if I didnt, the Horde would have. And 17k HP is quite low, compared with the 26K HP locks I've seen floating around. It was at that point that I decided I should just pick up the best Deadly gear I could for my honor, to give me more resilience, more stamina and more spell power.

I'll eventually get enough marks for the Titan-Forged gear, unless I get jack of PvP again, and go back to leveling. At 162 WG marks remaining to achieve that goal, I just may do that. Translation: thats 54 straight wins or 162 straight losses, I could be nuts at the end of it. Given the match is only available approximately every 3 hours, and I only get to do 1 a night, maybe 2 if I'm lucky, and 4 on the weekends, I'm looking at least 3 months of BGs to get the super sweet gear. Such is the plight of the super casual BGer.

Arenas has kinda crossed my mind, but since they cut 2x2 from being anything you can do anything with, it doesnt look good at all. I'll have to read up exactly what they cut from it. If it meant that no Arena Points could be earned at all, or if it was just that there would be no 2x2 ladder, and only certain items like shoulders and weapons would not be available.

In other news, Boj earned himself a nice achievement that you couldn't even plan for. It's called [We Had It All Along *cough*], and is for when you win an AB by 10 points. Nice.

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  1. Jason (Jugger) has been talking up a 3-man with Suksii if that does anything for you.