Monday, September 14, 2009

Harsher Penalties for AFKers

This is probably going to come off as a bit of QQ, and I guess it is, to a certain extent. AFKers in battlegrounds: they make me /tar their name while I defend IBT, and report them as AFK. They hurt my clicky finger, and make me have to run more AV than I want to. /cry

I think it's great that Blizzard introduce the "Report as AFK" option. Its a very soft slap on the wrist, and active players get some sort of satisfaction from seeing them get little XP and honor from a winning AV. However, when half the raid is stationary in the AV cave, and you cant get enough players to stick around and defend IBT or TP, its a cold cold comfort that these buggers are only going to get marginally less honor than you.

So I'd like to see harsher penalties for AFKers in BGs. Here's my proposal.

Overall, I'd like to see repeat AFK offenders get banned from BGs for a period of six hours. Three hours might suffice, but if the player is using a bot to sign up for BGs while they're at work or asleep, its not going to make much of a difference. However, six hours is a fair chunk of time, and should certainly see a reduction of AFKers. Of course, people using a bot should be suspended pending investigation, but perhaps there's a new BG bot that Blizzard haven't been able to detect yet.

So how do we determine a repeat AFK offender? I'd like to see a debuff that sticks when you are reported as AFK at the end of a BG. It lasts for one hour, and stacks to three, renewing the cooldown for each application. Once it hits three, you get the BG ban. This will prevent accidental banning for genuine AFK cases, where the player was away from the keyboard a bit longer than they intended. You could even forgive the occurance twice. But three times in one hour, something is up, GTFO of my BG, you honor/xp leeching waste of pixels, and raid spot.

There are probably a few holes in the approach, like griefers reporting other players as AFK shortly before the end of a BG.

An alternative, or even addition, is for the Report as AFK debuff to have a count down, like a curse, and if you cant get some BG action, but getting into combat, in the time it takes to ride half the length of any given BG, then you should probably also get booted from the BG. That might be a little harsh, since you want to give players a little time to do things like take a small toilet break, see who's knocking at the door or answer that phone call. But ultimately, the honor / xp leeching AFKers are not welcome.

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