Sunday, August 30, 2009

Znakharka to 80

Znakharka put in a mammoth effort, and got herself to 80 sometime yesterday. And now I'm done with leveling for a while.

  • Dubh, Chivers, and Nevynoch, 70
  • Grizzlyadam, Colerejuste, Hinny, Pathak, Bojsen, Fidgette, and Znakharka 80

I've set myself a couple of side goals instead, until I'm inspired to level Dubh.

  • Create Jeeves for Fidgette
  • Get Argent Dawn exalted for Col
  • Get Crusader title for Col (will be upgraded to Argent Crusader with AD rep)
  • Max out LW for Dubh

Unfortunately, the AD rep isnt happening today, due to instances being full on the server. So its a skinning grind for Znak for a bit.

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