Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seven in one blow

Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but being able to progress through an entire level in one night of play is on the same level of excitement.

That's because I'm still very excited about the ability to get XP while running AV.

  • Dubh, Chivers, and Nevynoch, 70
  • Znakharka, 71
  • Fidgette, 79
  • Grizzlyadam, Colerejuste, Hinny, Pathak and Bojsen, 80

Fidgette started out with 78% through level 77, and by the end of the normal night of play, running AVs, and progressing through the Iron Colossus questing line, she had completed up to 78% of level 78.

Then I went into abnormal night of play. I pushed through my usual 1am barrier to 2:30am, did a couple of more AVs and completed the Frostborn quest line. Now she's a wee way through 79.

Just a tip for other rogues levelling in that area. The quest leather is not rogue friendly. However, the mechagnomes at the Inventors Library are engineering friendly. I managed to pick up the SCRAP-E quest, and the Jeeves Schematic.

I think tonight, I'll stick with levelling Fidge, and try and get her to 80.

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