Thursday, August 13, 2009

Leveling in BGs

We've just had a public holiday in Brisbane, Australia, but with the two levels I've gained on Bojsen since the last post on 10 August 2009, it feels like a whole weekend.

Since the last post, I've stuck to leveling Bojsen, and have done quite well at it. The first thing was to dual spec Boj into Affliction for PvP ( It's quite a nice build, and I did manage to get the Grim Reaper achievement last night (30 kills in the single BG). I think it does well in PvP for a couple of reasons:
  • Since its not Demo, there's no Felguard giving away my position (Boj is a gnome, and hard to see at the best of times).
  • The number of spells at my disposal is nuts.
  • Soul Link
More about that a bit later. More about leveling in BGs now.

So, the general decision process when logging on is
  • Do I have enough time for a BG or two?
  • If no, go Demo/Aff build and level.
  • If yes, press H and queue up an AV. Now go level in Demo/Aff build.
  • Try to pick up 4 or 5 soul shards. Used for spellstone, health stone, and demon swapping. You might use it for the odd soul shatter if you realise that there's not a single tank amid the 20 toons hacking at Galv or Drek.
  • When the BG comes up, remember to mount up and go somewhere quiet. The number of times I leave a BG, and find some gnoll gnawing on my leg... It's just unseemly.
  • In the BG, switch to Aff PvP build and go nuts.
I love the ability to queue a BG at any time via the BG frame / H option. It may only be a matter of time before the option is available for Wintergrasp (which reminds me, I should get a Wintergrasp timer for FuBar). I wish that option was available when I was leveling Pathak back in 2006, and was wasting 5min for flights to Winterspring to continue the furby grind between BGs and crawling up that bloody BG ladder.

AV seems to be the best BG for leveling in. Mind you, I've only done AB, AV and the new Isle of Conquest since the XP in BGs feature was enabled, and I've never stepped foot in Strand of the Ancients. XP is only granted for events and NPC kills, not player kills, and AV would seem to have the most number of events (towers and graveyards) and NPCs (Galv, Drek and wandering Frostwolf Clan) wandering around. I'll be interested to see what a Wintergrasp is like for leveling, but given that Boj isnt lvl80 yet, he'll only get in if there are no other lvl80s to fill the spots.

Now, more on that number of spells thing...

My usual rotation for a single target is Haunt (cast DoT), CoA (insta DoT), Corruption (insta DoT), Unstable Affliction (cast DoT). Then perhaps a Fear or Death Coil. If I'm feeling plucky, Immolate, but usually straight into Drain Life or Drain Soul (for a soul shard if needed). Then keep the fear up, and keep DoTing as required. And if I'm lucky, I get a Shadow Trance and an instant Shadow Bolt. I also try to have Demon Armor (for extra Armor and heals), and Soul Link up (so pet can take 20% of my received dmg).

In a multiple target situation (many vs many), I tab through the enemy, putting up CoA and Corruption until I start repeating through enemy and can put down Haunt and maybe UA, or just refresh the Corruption and CoA. I havent started working in Seed of Corruption yet, but probably will when I get the hang of the mulitple target thing a bit more. I'll also put in a Howl of Terror when its available, just to keep people from focusing on me, or at least keep melee at a distance. I also keep an eye out for other locks and shadow priests, and throw up a shadow ward at the appropriate time, just in case.

Affliction locks for PvP can be alot of fun, just DoTing, kiting, fearing and for the gnome variety, hiding behind trees and rocks.

The things to work on is pet usage. I've mostly been keeping the imp out on passive, and using Soul Link for the HP buff. If I have the soul shards, I'll pull the succy out instead, put on passive, and then flick to attack against melee enemy. I probably should pull the Fel Hound out instead, since that will have better utility for spell locking than the succy seduce which breaks on damage.

Once Boj hits lvl 80, I'll do a similar thing with Fidgette. I'll dual spec her into Subtlety for PvP, and level via BGs and quests until 80.

And then next exciting cab off the rank will be Znak. Znak is currently Enhancement, and I'm likely to change this to Elemental for soloing and Resto/Elemental for PvP. There seemed to be such a lack of healers in the BGs. Usually only 1 or 2 priests, maybe a druid but you never can be sure if they'll heal or not (durids are 4 attack!1!). When Dubh goes through, she'll probably level as feral and go PvP as balance/resto.

You may as well take a holiday, Nevynoch and Chivers. It's going to be a long while before you get your turn at leveling to 80.

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