Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leveling in BGs, again

Its been not quite two weeks since my last post on leveling in BGs, and my tune has slightly changed on the subject.

At first, I was all for it. From a winning AV you get great XP, and a good amount of honor such that you get can a nice set of PvP shoulders at lvl 80, to replace your heirloom ones.

However, its now really really popular, and a few negative elements have crept back into the experience.

The first annoying element is AFKers. Its good that we have a Report as AFK tool, but I dont think it does enough. In the last few AVs I've done, there will be at least 10 toons standing around in the Alliance cave, not contributing at all. And its always the same offenders. Yeah, looking at you Dweeb and Ck (with your fancy French C), and a whole bunch more I'm not going to name. So by reporting them, they get no XP and no honor from the time they are reported as AFK. But they don't get kicked and replaced by players that actually want to participate.

Sometimes, near the end of the match, it would actually be cruel to the newer joining players to have this functionality. About the best you can do at the moment, is hang around at the start of the match, target and report those AFKers. They get no honor and no XP. It probably wont deter them from continuing to do it, but it shares the pain.

The second annoyance is low toon mortality. This is something I've noticed alot more with Znak than I did with Boj. With a DPS caster, and a gnome one at that, you can hide behind tree, and rocks and get alot of DoTs up before getting noticed, targetted and squashed. However, people tend to notice DPS melee alot more, and a healers a little less than that. So, at lvl 71 to 77, when then only Resil gear comes from lvl70 BGs, and you can bet that no one these days has taken the time to earn that gear, the carnage is pretty high, and it only takes a geared 80 fury warrior to whirlwind a crowd of noobs into chunks.

The other part with low level toons is tanking, and that they cant do it against Drek. Many are the times when we've got to Drek, with all towers capped, and there's a bunch of DKs, pallies and druids standing around, and not a single toon capable of tanking Drek. On the flip side, I'm not sure an undergeared PvP resto shammy could heal through it. I even had one occasion where Boj lock tanked for the first 75%, and then a mage tanked the remained, because no plate classes were grabbing aggro.

One of the panels at BlizzCon 2009 did mention that something would be done about BGs, and the effect that XP in BGs has had on them. I'm hoping that there will be further level splits for AV... say lvl 68-70, lvl 71-77 and lvl 78 - 80. I'm not sure if its warrented for the other BGs, since I dont think they offer as much XP as a winning AV. But Blizzard would have the stats on that, and will probably make the right choice, when they do get around to doing something about it.

Oh, I almost forgot my last annoyance. AV noobs capping IBGY before we have IBT and TP. It would even be nice to have secured FWRH before taking IBGY, to avoid the Horde turtle wall through FWGY.

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