Thursday, August 20, 2009

Class Timers and addons (cont): Screen shot

So, this is the screen shot of my UI. Normally Autobar would be displayed on the right hand side, if I were hovering over it. And now I'm going to attempt setting up proper FPS mouse looks with a toggle key to go into mouse mode.

Oh, and maybe try and setup the n52te.


  1. What's the name of that addon that shows the AV map with the status of the various towers/gys?

  2. The AV map is provided by AlphaMap, by Telic, one of the few remaining addons from the old Cosmos UI collection I use.

    It's actively maintained, too!

    It hasn't bother me too much, yet, but I'm likely to remove the map location bar at some point. I tend to use Blizzards World Map when looking at zones I'm not currently in.

  3. Actually, when I say "actively maintained", I mean, works fine for me.

    There is a "You aren't in a party" message I get in BGs, at the start. Apparently, that's caused by AlphaMap, and it hasnt been updated for 3.2.