Tuesday, August 25, 2009

After the Cataclysm

I was having a WoW discussion with a friend who plays on the same server, and is much more advanced that I am, in terms of progression. He raids, multi boxes and does alot more theory crafting across all his toons than I ever will. If you meet any toon with Teg at the start of his/her name, and belongs to the guilds OOO, Stars of Orion or Unguilded on Malygos, give him a /wave (or a /lick).

Anyway, our topic for the day was what happens after the Cataclysm. Which of our many toons will make it through the next 5 levels, and in what order. I'm hoping to have all 10 toons at 80 by the time it is released. Given that thought, here are some initial thoughts for my alts on Malygos.

I've had some background thoughts on what I will level through to 85. It will probably be all of them, but order will be significant. I've enjoyed playing playing most of the toons I've levelled, so it will probably come down to profession synergies.

  • Gatherers First. Znak and/or Hinny first for herbalism, skinning and mining. Bonus is Znak for Resto or DPS, and Hinny for DPS or tanking.
  • Professions second. Col for JC (and mining), GA for alchemy (trans) (and tailoring). Col will probably stay DPS. GA for DPS or Disc.
  • More Professions. Pathak for BS (and herbing), Boj for enchanting (and tailoring). Pathak will stay Prot, put probably never tank an instance. Boj will probably do alot of PvP as Aff, or solo as Demon/Aff.
  • And the rest. Dubh for LW and skinning, Fidge for Engineering and mining.
  • And the dunces. Nevy for Inscription and herbing. Chivers for tailoring and alchemy (elixirs).

And I had some thoughts of my own (yar yar, I'm a Donald!) about the speed of leveling, based on WotLK, and there only being 5 levels in the expansion.

I wonder if they'll be a bit more frugal with available XP from quests for the expansion.

Before heirlooms, you could do Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzlyhills, Zul Drak and then part of the Basin, and get to 80, and still have the rest of the basin, Storm Peaks and Icecrown remaining.

With shoulder hierlooms, you could do Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzlyhills, Sons of Hodir (at 78), then come back for a bit of Zul Drak, and get to 80. Then have the rest of Zul Drak, the rest of Storm Peaks, and all of Icecrown and the Basin to go.

Now with shoulder and chest heirlooms and XP via BGs, Znak has done Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra and just a couple of intro quests for Winterguarde, and I'm already at 75 (30%). I figure she'll complete Wraithgate, and may have to do Stars Rest, and will only do as much of the temple as is needed to get to 76. Then she'll be off to the Basin, where she can skin most of her kills and provide Dubh will lots of mats to get Znak some PvP Resto gear, plus good craftables for Dubh.

Now how does that fit in.. well, there are 5 new levels to get in the expansion, and 5 new zones being developed. These 5 levels are supposed to feel epic, and not just fly by. So I wonder if there will be just enough XP via quests, that you will need to complete nearly all 5 to get to 85... though that might make end-game a bit boring, outside of instances and raids. Perhaps 4 zones will be required to get to 85, with the last zone being mostly end-game.

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