Saturday, July 25, 2009

All at least 70

Finally hit a significant mini goal, that probably a whole expansion behind the times: All of my toons on Malygos have hit at least 70.

  • Dubh, Chivers, and Nevynoch, 70
  • Znakharka, 71
  • Bojsen and Fidgette, 75
  • Grizzlyadam, Colerejuste, Hinny, and Pathak, 80

The next goal of all toons to 80 and all toons with epic flying is still there, but will probably slow up a bit. 3.2 is going to make it all a bit cheaper for the flying, but leveling some of the toons is going to be a struggle.

I've really enjoyed leveling Dubh through her last few levels, so I think I will end up concentrating on leveling Dubh, Znak and Boj through to 80 next.

Leveling Nevynoch seems a bit unappealing, since I've already leveled one pet class (DK), and will be leveling another.

I am considering dual specing Hinny into Blood, but I'm not sure if she'll ever get to tank in this expansion. Leveling the others is going to take some time first.

I'll probably put a bit of effort into Fidge when the chest heirlooms come in 3.2, so as to make it all go a bit quicker. Mind you, the leveling speed is quite noticeable enought already, given that Boj was 74.5 by the time he finished Howling Fjorde and Borean Tundra, and it only took Moa'ki and a bit of Stars Rest to get to 75. I'll be really interested to see just how much faster leveling will be with the bonus xp shoulders and chest pieces stacked.

Anyway, taking a week or so break from WoW to go skiing.

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