Friday, June 26, 2009

Argent Tournament Grind

Game play has been limited to the Argent Tournament grind for GA and Col, of recent times.

Here's the way it usually goes...

Log into GA at 11pm.
Fly to AT grounds, if I'm not already there.
Pick up the Champion quests.
Pick up the Valor quests (for Gnomeregan, at the moment).
Keep an eye out for Chillmaw, Scourge and Commander calls.
Complete the Grand Melee for Valor tokens. If a Chillmaw call goes up, take that instead.
Do Chillmaw.
Do Scourge (completing 10 and 15 kill versions)
Do Commanders (completing Champion and Valor versions)
Say thanks for group, drop group and head to the Skybreaker.
Pick up the Argent Crusade daily for Slaves to Saronite and complete it.
Do the Valor blade daily.
Do the Troll Patrol daily with time (pretty easy to complete within the timer period)
Hearth back to Dalaran, and fly back to AT grounds for hand ins.

Log into Col
Pick up JC daily in Dalaran.
Repeat for what happened with GA, but throw in the JC daily, depending on where it happened.

I've been mostly picking up Writs, in the hope of increasing Gnomeregan rep when I've become a Gnomer champion. I also completed the cloth master quests for gnomer as well, to take advantage of some easy rep. I may even turn on my Low Quests tracker, and pick off some of the high gnomer rep requests available from the beginning areas, just to cut down on the number of writs needed to get exalted with the Alliance factions.

GA is probably going to need those writs more than Col. Col only has Gnomer rep to complete, and he's a bit over half way through revered.

All this, just to get heirloom chest pieces with 10% xp bonus, that wont be delivered until 3.2, whenever that will be (at least 2 months away, I'm guessing). I wonder if I actually put the energy into leveling, if I wouldn't have them all to 75 by then anyway.

On the bright side, I'm getting a little bit of disc practice in with the Chillmaw event, and approximately 160g per hour in gold earnings, for the two hours it takes to complete GA and Col.

Oh, and you may have notices the absence of the Champion melee daily. I've decided that its not quite worth the effort. The Valor melee only take a minute per opponent, and is required for the valor seals, but the Champion melee tends to take about 3 to 4 minutes per opponent, and there are 4 to get through. I'd much prefer to spend that 12 minutes doing Troll Patrol or something else that has better rewards.

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