Saturday, May 30, 2009

WTC Darkmoon Deck : Greatness

Last week, I finally leveled Pathak to 80, and I'm a little bit burnt out from it. Thats my 4th toon to 80, and I cant bear the thought if leveling another one, let alone, another six.

So, I decided to look at what I could do to get a bit more performance out of Col. Besides reaching a hit cap for mobs that are relevant to Cols progression (lvl82 elites), I turned my eye to Darkmoon Cards.

By far, the best Darkmoon Deck for Ret Pallies is the Greatness set with the +str flavour.

So I decided to embark on a journey of discovery, gathering and crafting.

Lucky for me, I have quite a few alts and some secondary goals, such as earning 6K per toon that doesnt yet have artisan flying and cold weather flying (and thats 5 toons remaining).

I had a look around at how many cards I'd need to produce to get a full Greatness set. Wowhead had some interesting comments, with one comment listing a simulation program that surmised it would take 87 cards to produce 1 full set. However, there's no guarantee that it would result in a particular set. Another chap went to the hard effort of recording the findings from 100 cards, and managed to generate 2 full sets, and miss out on the other 2 by two cards.

Now, producing 100 cards is no small efforts. Its a rather large elephant to eat, and one must do it the only way there is... one spoonful at a time.

There are "shortcuts" I could take, but the thought if grinding for cash to buy a complete set is as appealing as the furby grind in vanilla WoW (and I've already done that once, and dont wish to do it again).

So, here's how I'm going about doing it.

The cast of my production consists of the follow characters:

  • Nevynoch, lvl70, Hunter, Inscription and Herbing. Nevy is my scribe, and will be producing the cards. He wont be doing any gathering.
  • Hinny, lvl80, Deathknight, Herbing and Mining. Hinny is my gatherer, and will be doing all the ground work. She's spec'ed Unholy with On a Pale Horse, and flies as swift as a Pally with Crusader Aura.
  • Chivers, lvl70, Mage, Tailoring and Elixir Master. Chivers is going to do useful things with the Frost Lotus we find, and make us a bit of extra cash.
  • Colerejuste, lvl80, Pally, Miner and JC. Col is going to do useful things with an Saronite we should happen across. I've got a tertiary goal of collecting from gems to make a Magnificent Flying Carpet for Grizzlyadam, who has the artisan flying skill, but no swift mount.
  • Grizzlyadam, lvl80, Tailoring and Transmute Master. GA is going to do a transmutes to make extra Eternal Life, and collect Crystals that Hinny should find in her travels.
Lets take a look at what is required to make a Darkmoon Card of the North. The key ingredients are the 6 Snowfall Inks and the 3 Eternals Lifes.

To produce the 6 Snowfall Inks, you'll need 12 Icy Pigments, and to get Icy Pigments, you'll need to mill Ice Thorn, Lichbloom, and to some extent, Deadnettle. According to one of the addons I have (it may be Enchantrix), a single mill of Ice Thorn or Lichbloom should yeild 50% Icy Pigment and 300% Azure Pigment. Milling of Deadnettle is only supposed to yeild half the amount. Therefore, you should only need 3 stacks of herbs to hit the required number of pigments. However, it may take up to 6 stacks to get that amount, occasionally.

If you dont have the required number of Eternal Lifes, you'll probably collect a bunch as you herb, and chances are you'll have more than 6 stacks of herbs by the time you gather 3 Eternal Lifes.

So the first job is to grind for herbs. Out goes Hinny, doing her thing across Storm Peaks, arguably the best place to gather Ice Thorn and Lichbloom. To make this a little easier, you'd best run Gatherer or something similar, and have the HUD enabled. I'd also got the minimap overlay enabled, but I'm thinking of disabling that, since looking at herbs and ore nodes can get a little busy. Hinny also have a macro to swap between Find Herbs and Find Minerals (uses /castsequence).

Hinny gathers until she's got the 3 Eternals Lifes, or 6 stacks of herbs, whatever comes last. If Hinny comes across a place where Titanium is known to appear, or where there is more ore than herb nodes, she'll invoke the macro to find ore instead. Leave nothing ungatherer. Then its back to base for mailing.

Hinny will send all the herbs and Frost Lotus to Chivers. All the Saronite ore is sent to Col. All Eternal Lifes are sent to Nevy. All the Cobalt is sent to Dubh. Hinny keeps the Eternal Fire, Earth and Shadow for the Titansteel cooldown. The remaining Eternals are sent to Grizzlyadam for transmutes. Currently, Chivers is still discovering the Eternal transmutes, via Saronite to Titanium, otherwise I'd send some to him as well, since I dont seem to get transmute procs off GA for Eternals.

The next stop is Chivers. He's going to produce Flasks with the Frost Lotus that was gathered, and put them on the AH. You could just sell the Frost Lotus (goes for about 48g on Malygos, where as the Flasks go for 23g), however, if he gets a proc or two, its all profit. Given the abundant availability of Pygmy Suckerfish, I find it more efficient to produce Flask of Pure Mojo, since it only required 7 Icethorn, saving more herbs for milling.

Once the flasks are produce, send them to your bank alt, or put them on the AH. Dubh is currenly my bank alt. And send the remaining herbs to your Scribe.

Nevy collects all the herbs and Eternal Lifes from the mail box, and mills all the herbs. Hopefully, he gets at least 12 Icy Pigments. Now convert all the milled herbs into Inks (Snowfall Ink and Ink of the Sea). You should have more than enough Ink of the Sea to get the job done. So now make your Darkmoon Card of the North. Hopefully, you got a Noble card. They sell also better than they others, but thats not why we're here. We're saving them for the collection.

Now, you'll probably have a whole bunch of Ink of the Sea left, so what to do... Armor and weapon vellums! Cheap to produce, that can help with your enchanting alt, so you dont have to waste them, or sell them on the AH. In fact, you'll probably have enough for both activities.

Send the card and vellums to you bank alt.

If you need to, visit your transmute master and try get an eternal life from whatever else you will have collected. Thats one less eternal life you need for the next run.

The visit your JC to do prospect your Saronite. Keep or send to your bank alt whatever gems you think you'll keep or not need (or that sell well). For example, I'd keep Forest Emeralds until I have a stack, since they dont sell for much, but Scarlet Rubies are a sure thing and can get a high return on the AH.

And now its time to visit your bank alt. You'll be putting Flasks, gems, cobalt, and vellums on the AH. Hopefully, you'll make about 300g from the haul, maybe more if you've put in a double shift. Save your darkmoon cards. Maybe put duplicates on the AH for extra cash. It all depends on how many sets you want to make, and what types you want.

Now go have a break, and do it all over again. And keep doing it.

So far, the method seems to work for me. I've made 1K gold over two days, which I'm fairly happy with.


  1. An alternative use (although maybe expensive in lost revenue in the long run depending on the Malygos server's economy) for the over-abundance of Inks of the Sea is the 10:1 trade-in for Snowfall Ink. Can be done in Dalaran at the Inscription trainer.

    I found it useful for those evenings when I just needed 2 more inks to make that last card. :)

    And that last card was always from the chaos deck grr...

    Great blog by the way - keep us the good work!

  2. That is a smashing idea! I wasn't even aware it was possible to do.

    Looks like a good reason for my Scribe to buy a portal to Dalaran (he's only level 70).

    I guess I must have had a good week, or a lucky streak, since Vellums and spare Inks haven't been selling as well as I would like.