Monday, May 25, 2009

Toon Update

Time for another toon update, given a bit of leveling has happened since the last one.

Here is the current state of play:
  • Znakharka, 62
  • Dubh, 63
  • Chivers and Nevynoch, 70
  • Bojsen, 71
  • Fidgette, 74
  • Pathak, 78
  • Grizzlyadam, Colerejuste and Hinny, 80
So, I finally got Hinny up to 80, and have since dropped her skinning and taken up herbing.  This has been great to have a herber and miner on the one character, and have her spec to be moving at the same speed as Col with his Crusader Aura up.

Once I got Pathak up to 77, and then spec'd Hinny into herbing as well, GA has managed to max his Alchemy, and Chivers is well on his way to maxing his.  I also decided to level Boj next, instead of Chivers, so that I can get Ebonweave production started for Glacial Bags (22 slot).  Leveling Boj will also help getting his enchanting up.

The next move is to get Pathak up to 80, to free up some of his bag space (as previously mentioned).  He's completed the intro to the Sons of Hodir quest line to the point of having the dailies available, but I'll finish off the remaining Thorim quest line until Loken does the nasty to him.  After that, Pathak will move to Ice Crown and complete the Shadow Vault quest lines until the Ebon Blade dailes have opened up, and then it will be back to Grizzly Hills and Zul Drak for the Ebon Blade quests there.  That should be enough to get him to lvl 80.  Gotta love those Bind to Account shoulders.

After that, current plans are to level Fidgette, Bojsen and Nevynoch, followed by Chivers, Dubh and Znakharka.

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