Friday, May 22, 2009

Teg Conv: Duel Spec and leveling

I've been thinking about dual specing Col into Holy, and get back into something challenging again, though play time has been a bit stunted after the large number of hours put in last weekend.

I had a relaxing night, last night, doing a bit of herb collection to get GA to 450 alchemy, and getting my Northrend Alchemy Research for Chivers.  I dont think I'll bother doing the full range of discovery flasks for GA, since Chivers is the Elixir master. I'm about 3 days from getting Chivers to 425, which will open up a few Transmutes to get him up to creating Flasks.  Transmute: Titanium is what I have to use to get Chivers there, so its going to be a slow one.

And whatever excess herbs I have left, I'm giving them to Chivers to put into his 32 slot herb bag, and once he has enough, they'll be going on the AH.  I'm not really inspired to do much with Inscription for Nevy.  His bag space is a bit cramped, as it is, without filling it up with Inscription bits.  Maybe I'll progress it to the Weapon and Armor Vellums so Boj has something to do with his chants.

Pathak has finishing his fishing leveling journey to 450, and got his Titanium Seal of Dalaran for collecting all the coins.  Its a pity the top fishing achievement requires Lurker, or I'd try to give it a go.

Will probably try and get Pathak to 80 this weekend, so I can free up the bag space for all of his crafted goodies.

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