Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hit Cap for Col

Col has been running Heroics for a while now, and he's my only toon that I tend to do that with.  Hinny is too fresh off the boat, and Grizzlyadam hasn't even bother specing since the last talent wipe (though I am considering  Discipline/Shadow dual specs for him).

Cols DPS is fair.  Its not fantastic, but he's usually at the 2K DPS mark by the end of the run, if not a little bit higher.  Col has never stepped into a raid, and is likely never to do so in the future.  I just don't have the time for it.  So for the gear he has, and the group he runs with, Col is pulling his weight.

Though I'd like just a little bit more.

So this morning, I took another look at his Hit rating, and what he would need to do to achieve his Hit Cap, without hurting his overall DPS too much.

I've read lots of articles that say the Hit Cap is all, and that it should be reached first, before stacking on whatever the primary stat is after Hit.  Col is a Ret Pally (save the lols for later), so his primary stat is Strength.  I know that dead DPS = no DPS, and a missed hit is also no DPS, but for some reason, sacrificing a whole bunch of Str, just to get Hit has never sat right.

But now Col is at a point where he can fine tune.  

With his current gear, Col has a hit rating of 154.  At lvl80, that's a Hit% of 4.69%.  Col is also a Draenei, so he gets an addition 1% Hit from Heroic Presence.  

Since he's never going to step into a raid, he doesn't need the hit rating required against boss levels, which is 8% (or 262.32 hit rating).  Since he's only stepping into heroics, he only needs to step up for lvl82 elites.  Normally, the Hit required for this would be 6%, but since Col has Heroic Presence, he only needs 5% (or 163.95 hit rating).

So, all Col needs is 10 hit rating points.

Col currently sources his 98 hit rating from gear (Gauntlets of Dragon Wrath, Spiked Titansteel Helm), and the remainder from gems, socket bonuses and the Icewalker enchant.

The easy way would be to replace his +6str/+6hit gem in his shoulders to +16hit. But with the resources I have available to me, I can do better.

With the help of RAWR, and Wowhead, I worked out I could replace my Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver with a Titansteel Destroyer for an extra +54 hit rating.  This would free up the remaining gem slots that have been used for +hit to be filled with +str, sweet +str.

And by my calculations, that would net Col an extra 124 +str, and a slight loss in agi, because of the weapon change.  However, its a theoretical increase in DPS overall.

I guess the next thing I probably want to look at is the benefit of Expertise vs Strength.  Whilst the Hit rating takes care of missing a hit, Expertise takes care of preventing a dodge or parry.  Since I should only be attacking from behind, I'd only need to concern myself with dodge.  The tricky part would be determining if Col would benefit from an increase in Expertise over a decrease in Strength, over a period of time.  But I think that's a musing for another time.

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