Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogging toon progress

Recently, migrated to a newer site called, and they've introduced some nice features like toon blogging.

Given that I've been doing that for a while, though not regularly, I figured I might step up, and try to make regular weekly updates of what I've been up to, and whatever direction I've decided to take this week.

Also, I have regular WoW Pow-wows with a friend.  On our server, he's known as Teg, and has a general Teg theme to all of his alts names (Tegmark, Teglass, Tegasaur, Tegwraith, etc).  Alot of these emails have alot more info about what I'm actually up to, than my blog posts, so I'll be making an effort to post a few of those up as well.

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