Monday, April 06, 2009

Bind on Account shoulders for all!

Well, maybe not all.  But Col has been having alot of fun running heroics with a regular crew, and has slowly been accumulating Emblems of Heroism and Stone Keeper Shards.  So much so, that now Fidgette, Hinny and Nevynoch are all sporting BoA shoulders of some description that will help them level with 10% bonus xp per kill.

My leveling plan up until yesterday, was to level Fidge, Pathak and Hinny together by keeping them all at approximately the same level, and then push the last one of the set to the next level, and bring up the rest.  i.e. Fidgette got leveled from 71 to 72, then Hinny to 72, then Pathak to 73, then Hinny to 73 (which are how things are standing now).  The next move would be to level Fidge to 74.

However, to take advantage of the 10% bonus XP shoulders, I'd have to do a bit of mailing between Hinny and Pathak, since they are both plate wearers (Unholy DK and Prot Warrior, respectively).  So I've decided to change my leveling order and get Nevynoch up to 70 so he can join the rotation.  Given that he is only lvl 65 at the moment, he's probably going to run out of rest bonus pretty quick, in which case, I'll keep the rotation between Fidge and Hinny.

Nevynoch will actually be sporting the PvP shoulders, which Fidgette and Hinny have the PvE shoulders.  

Col will continue to run heroics so he can get a set of cloth shoulders for Boj and Chivers to level up on.  After that, maybe he'll actually save some of those token for gear for himself.  He's doing about 1500DPS at the moment, which is still okay for entry level heroics, but generally, he gets out DPS'd by the others in the group who get to run regular raids.

Here's a quick summary of wear things are at across all the toons:

  • Znakharka, 62
  • Dubh, 63
  • Nevynoch, 65
  • Chivers, 66
  • Bojsen, 70
  • Fidgette, 72
  • Pathak and Hinny, 73
  • Grizzlyadam and Colerejuste, 80

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