Monday, April 20, 2009

Addon news : LastPlayFu end of life

Late last week I put a ticket on, and the RestFu addon, to get the functionality from LastPlayedFu added to RestFu.  And whaddyaknow, phyber came through and did it!

The addition is currently in alpha, but will probably be released before too long.  When it is, LastPlayedFu will go end of life, and will no longer be maintained (not that its had much maintenance over its short life span).  That will just leave MailExpiryFu as my only addon to maintain.  I've to plans to shut that done down anytime soon, as it remains very very useful.

In other addon news, SilverDragon has become my new favourite addon.  I didnt realise how many rare mobs were out there.  And since old world content isnt being visited as much as it used to, the chances of finding a rare pretty good.  Last night, I found a rare in Manaforge Duro and a rare in Menethil Habour (Sludginn).  Unfortunately, the mana worms got to the rare in Manaforge Duro before I could.

Hmm, I really should post a list of the addons that I use, at least for my reference.

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