Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fidgette to 70

After a couple of weeks of solid grind, I finally got Fidge to 70, and crafted her a Turbo-Charged Fying Machine.

Sought ought a proper combat spec, and picked up a couple of shiney swords from the AH for Northrend.

Monday, March 02, 2009

WotLK update

Well, Wraith of the Lich King (or LK, as I usually abbreviate it to) has been around for a while now, so I thought I'd so a bit of an update post.  In fact, in my head, I thought I'd done one in January some time. Oh well.

GA was the first to make it to 80, with GA following a few weeks behind.  Here's how things stand now:
  • Znakharka, 62
  • Dubh and Fidgette, 63
  • Nevynoch, 65
  • Chivers, 66
  • Bojsen, 70
  • Pathak and Hinny, 71
  • Grizzlyadam and Colerejuste, 80
I've decided to keep Col as PvE Ret for LK, as opposed to Holy like he was for TBC.

When I was leveling GA, he was Disc/Holy for the purposes of being able to do instance when need. However, GA only ever did one Nexus run.  For the Sons of Hodir grind, I switched him back to Shadow.  When Dual Spec are introduced, GA may go Shadow/Holy, though I think I just rather play Col as Ret.

So now I'm back at the start, wondering who to level next.  The candidates are as follows:

Pathak.  His BS has been leveled through to about 420, due to Cols mining and having an epic flying mount.  It would be nice to have him using some of that crafted gear.  Pathak will be remaining as Prot for leveling.  I'd also like to level Pathak for his herbing, and make use of the epic flying mount that he has.  I'd then use that herbing to finish off Alchemy for GA.

Hinny.  Death Knights are just fun. Plus I've already purchased the flying mount, which wont really get a work out until Cold Weather Flying at lvl77.  Hinny is a miner and skinner.

Fidgette.  My last remaining toon with a need for ore for Engineering.  Get Fidgette at least up to 70 would be hand, so some of the spare Cobalt and Saronite Col is collecting can be used.

Least likely to get leveled next are:

Chivers.  There doesnt seem to be a huge need for Spellweave, not that Chivers has taken up the specialisation for that yet.  Also, until GA has finished his Alchemy, there doesnt seem to be too much of a point in that either.  If anything, I'll just get Chivers to lvl68 to take up the specialties, and level Alchemy with the spare mats.  Given the scarcity of Frostweave in Northrend, its highly unlikely that I'll be pressing forward with tailoring on Chivers anytime soon.

Bojsen.  Bojsen has pretty much become my DE bitch.  Since there doesnt seem to be any limits to DEing lvl80 items from lvl70, I dont have much of a need to level him.  And I'm happy for his tailoring to stew as well.  I've decided that 22slot bags are probably overkill, and the cost vs benefit of leveling tailoring on Bojsen, just so he can get two Ebonweaves per proc is not worth it.

Dubh.  As fun as druids are, she's not high on the list because of her Skinning and LW.  Both Hinny and Znak are going to be able to provide Dubh with plenty of leather as they level.  I guess we'll see how it goes.

After leveling my plate wearers and ore users, I'll likely leveling my herb users.  Thats Pathak (BS and Herbing), Nevynoch (Inscription and Herbing), Znakharka(Herbing and Skinning) and maybe Chivers, if GA has not maxed his Alchemy.

I guess I'll sign in for another update in another couple of months.