Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WotLK Imminent

Just thought I'd document an update before Wrath of the Lich King goes live.

The dual boxing turned out to be a major success for my characters on Malygos.  

It only took about 4 weeks, with a weekend break in there, to get Znakharka and Nevynoch to 60.

I then used the bonus levels to get Dubh to 55, and leveled her to 60 as well.

Here are things as they stand now: 
  • Fidgette, 55
  • Znakharka and Dubh, 62
  • Nevynoch, 63
  • Chivers, 66
  • Pathak, Colerejuste, Bojsen and Grizzlyadam, 70
When WotLK goes live, and I upgrade my account, Hinny, my level 8 bank alt, will be getting deleted, and reincarnated as Hinny the female human deathknight.

I did have Lapetitemort picked out for the deathknight character, but I'd kept Hinny for so long, it was a shame to give her away. Maybe I'll create a Lapetitemort or something similar on Barthilas.

In other news, I ordered a Belkin n52te gaming device quite some time ago. It was actually preorder from sometime in June. They released them late, in August. I missed out on the first stock run because the place I ordered from didnt actually put a pre-order in with their suppliers. So I ordered from another place that had them in stock, and I missed out there as well. I've been waiting ever since.

Something I did kid around with in September is that I'd be playing WotLK before the device arrived. Looks like thats actually going to happen. /sigh

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