Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dual Boxing Fool

With the recent announcement of WotLK being released in Australia on 14/11/2008, I decided to step up my leveling progression by taking advantage of the Recruit-A-Friend Zhevra offer and do a little dual boxing.

So I delete my Shaman(lvl16) and Warrior(lvl13) on Barthilas and started again in the dual boxing format.  

Just to let you know how quick dual boxing is, I got the extra WoW licenses on Monday afternoon (22/09/2008), purchased a license for Keyclone that night, and spent the rest of the evening fiddling around with macros and the Keyclone maximizer.  On Tuesday night, I started questing, and then tried one last change in the maximizer format (PiP) before shutdown.  Last night (Wednesday), I hit lvl16 with the Shaman and 15 with the Warrior.  The Shaman have a few more class quests at that early stage, so she has jumped ahead of the warrior somewhat, though the warrior catches up a little since he tends to get more XP per kill at the lower level.

But now I've had a change of heart, yet again.  I've decided to switch back to Malygos for a bit, and do some dual boxing with my Hunter(lvl26) and Shaman(lvl24).  The PvP experience certainly has been fun, but I'm just not sure how its going to work out with dual boxing.  I figure than making the most out of my 90 days of triple xp is the best bet, and than effort would be better spent doing it in a PvE realm.

So the plan is to get my Hunter and Shaman to lvl59, then gift the earned levels to my Druid (currently at lvl38). At worst, this will mean a gift of 16 levels and will get the druid to 54.

Once at that stage, I'll go back to Barthilas and play out the remainder of the 90 days triple XP with the Shaman/Warrior couple.

In other news, Misnomer is now at lvl61 and has about 3 group quests remaining in HFP, is about 250rep short of honored with Thrallmar and has honored with CE.  Misnomer will be resting heavily while the dual boxing is going on.  Its been a fun ride on the PvP realm, but I think that has alot to do with being a rogue as well, since I can just hide at any time things are looking rough.

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