Monday, July 07, 2008

For the Horde

Interesting change of plans. One of my good friends has switch to Barthilas, a PvP server, as Horde. So for a while, I've gone to join him in the quest for .. well, to find out what PvP is like.

At the moment, my main is a rogue called Misnomer. She is now at lvl16. She's taken up Engineering for two reasons. The first is for the Eng gloves she can craft at lvl70. The second is for the bombs that she can use to stun her enemies, and make a quick get away, if the going looks too tough.

The primary alt will be Bunnyboiler, and will be used for her Tailoring ability, and something to do with all the excess cloth that comes from Misnomer.

At the base of this post is alt roster for the realm.

I've decided to make most toons gatherers where possible, so that they mostly have some sort of income, or can provice mats to the other toons. My one exception is Dubh, my druid, who will make the most of BoP items and the various roles she may serve, by taking up jewel crafting and enchanting. Getting the big +sta and +heal gems, and being able to enchant rings is a big plus.

However, enchanting seems to be quite expensive. I got Dubh up to lvl7 on the weekend, picked up enchanting, in the hope of leveling it quickly, and being able to construct a wand for Bunnyboiler. Two things stood in my way.. construction of the copper rod required for enchanting, and the price of early enchanting materials, just to be able to level enchanting to the point where I can make the copper rod. Looks like it will be the appropriate excuse needed to level the warrior to a point where he can make the copper rod.

Rogue - Troll - Female - Miner - Engineer - Misnomer
Priest - Undead - Female - Tailor - Herb - Bunnyboiler
Warlock - Undead - Male - Tailor - Herb - Metacarpal
Mage - Belf - Female - Tailor - Herb - Malamor
Druid - Tauren - Female - JC - Enchanter - Dubh
Hunter - Troll - Male - Herb - Alchemist - Araas
Shaman - Orc - Female - Skinner - LW - Znak
Warrior - Orc - Male - Miner - Blacksmith - Thotar
Paladin - Belf - Male - Miner - Skinner - Tefal
Deathknight - Tauren - Male - Inscription - Herb - ??

Gatherer Breakdown
Herber - 4 - Bunnyboiler, Metacarpal, Malamor, Araas (and the deathknight, if I get that far)
Miner - 3 - Misnomer, Thotar, Tefal
Skinner - 2 - Znak, Tefal

Crafting Breakdown
Goblin Engineer - Misnomer
Primal Mooncloth - Bunnyboiler
Shadowcloth - Metacarpal
Spellcloth - Malamor
Jewelcrafter - Dubh
Enchanter - Dubh
Elixir Mastery - Araas
Leatherworker (undecided) - Znak
Blacksmith (Axes) - Thotar
Inscription - the deathknight

I may drop Herbing on one of the tailors later on, and take up Transmutes, but I'll need to have two fully leveled herbers first.

Now the only thing that remains is.. will I actually end up leveling all these toons? Probably not. Getting to 4 70s, 1 60, and the remaining 4 toons at 49, 38, 25 and 23 was two years in the making. Mind you, there was alot of time wasted with things like the Timbermaw Hold grind, and messing around in battlegrounds. First goal will be to get a toon to lvl70, and get some cash flowing in.