Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Update

Well, its been quite a while since I've posted anything here.. so here's a little update with whats been going on...

WotLK: Its coming up, so now my focus is to have as many alts at 60 or 70, and to reduce my need for Hinny, my bank alt, so I can start a Death Knight, and fool around with that for a bit.

* Pathak (Prot Warrior): He doesnt do much these days. I pull him out for herbing, the occasional smithing craftable and fishing for Golden Darter and Motes of Water. He'll probably go back to Arms or Fury for leveling WotLK, given that the guild has a few tank stars such as Dawnshammer and Morrum.

* Colerejuste (Holy Pally): Col has been having a great old time with his raiding. He's exalted with Violet Eye, has seen the inside of SSC and has even run the first 3 bosses in ZA. As leveling winds up and raiding winds down, Col is mostly around for healing Heroics, as guildies farm for badges and heroic gear. About the only thing left for him to do is get exalted with SSO, to open the range of epic gem cuts. He'll probably go back to a Ret build for leveling in WotLK.

* Bojsen (Aff Lock): Boj occasionally joins in instances, though his spell hit is a bit crap, and he's only gets about 450dps on trash. On a boss fight, he can ramp up to 500dps, but with the other dps classes in the group, most boss fights dont go much beyond a minute or two. Boj spends his time making mana oil for Col, and DEing anything that doesnt sell on the AH.

* Grizzlyadam (Shadow Priest): GA is now a Transmute Master, but spends most of his time doing Earth -> Life/Water for Primal Mooncloth production, and Primal Mooncloth bags (20 slot). I occasionally pull him out for DPS, when Col is not required. I think he'll be staying as Shadow for the forseeable future, even though he's Primal Mooncloth spec'd. The introduction of Spellpower in WotLK will be interesting, and should mean it will be a viable combination.

* Chivers (Frost Mage): Chivers will be the next one through to 70. He just hit lvl58 last night, and did a few entry quests in HFP for some quick gear upgrades to staff, hat and robe. He'll be heading back to Azeroth until lvl 60 or lvl61. He'll become an Elixir Master, when the time comes, and get into Spellcloth production, though I'm not sure I'll bother making his set, given that gear upgrades will come soon enough in WotLK.

* Fidgette (Combat Rogue): Fidg is one for the books. Quite a few times, I've started a rogue, and have never enjoyed it.. but thats because I was going Assassin and was sneaking around everywhere, slowly. As a combat rogue, I'm free to stack Agi and Str, and just run up to things and hack the crap out of them. I'll usually only do the sneaky thing if they're a couple of levels ahead, and I need to lower their HP somewhat before they start hitting me. Fidg is at lvl44 at the moment, and I've yet to finish STV, and make a start on Tanaris. Fidg is a miner and engineer. I'll be looking forward to farming Motes with her engineer gadget.

* Dubh (Feral Druid): Its about time I leveled another LW. Skinning and LW is was Pathak did until just before TBC, when he dropped both for mining and smithing. Dubh is at lvl34, and will be leveled when Chivers and Fidg are low or out of rest bonus. Not sure what type of LW she'll be taking on.

* Znakharka (Enh Shaman): Currently at lvl24, Znak will be leveled when rest bonus is too low on the other higher level toons. Currently, she is a skinner and alchemist, though I'm considering dropping alchemy in favour of herbalism, to ease the burden on Pathak being the only herby in the group.

* Nevynoch (BM Hunter): Currently lvl23, skinner and LW, and my least favourite toon, even though he was my first. He'll come through when I'm good and ready. His shining qualities are his pets, Snaatch (a pussy cat, no less) and Cheeks (a cuddly wuddly bear). I do want to put effort into training the pets, so I guess the 3 pet slot will stay free for training to pets to learn new abilities.

* Hinny (Bank alt and druid): Shedding a tear for Hinny, when the time comes. Blizzard have stated that they'll not be adding any additional slots for hero classes, specifically the Death Knight. I'll be wanting to have a Death Knight at some stage, and at that time, Hinny will be getting the chop. Its quite a shame, since I've put a bit of gold into BoE bags and bank slots so she can hold all my crap. I guess thats the motivation for getting the alts to 70, so that I dont need a central bank toon to look after that spare loot that I may or may not use.

On the subject of Death Knights, when I get one, I think it will be a female human death night. Human, because of the 10% rep bonus, and female, because I've already got two human males (Chivers and GA). Thoughts for names will be something translating to Death Bringer, or something using Cael as a basis, yet be feminine (Caelywne, Caelia, Lacael, Caellina).

I guess no room for Dwarves in my troupe. I used to have alts called Mosesjones (pally) and Roquette (rogue), but decided that Col made a better pally, and Fidgette was enough for rogue action.

Anyway, thats about it until the next update, probably when WotLK comes out.

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