Thursday, October 11, 2007

Professional Sea Change

Bojsen hit 375 skill points with tailoring last night, so now he can go into Primal Mooncloth Bag production.

The only problem is that Primal Mooncloth is aimed at healers. The Primal Mooncloth outfits are all about +int, +spi and +heal. Not things Boj is really interested in, especially since they are BoP items.

Now GA.. he'd be interested in Primal Mooncloth.

So its time to change professions, once again. Here's the lay of the land now:

  • Pathak: Mining and Hammersmith (375 in both)
  • Colerejuste: Mining and Jewelcrafting (375 and 380 respectively. also has epic flying mount)
  • Bojsen: Tailoring and Enchanting (375 Primal Mooncloth and 340 respectively)
  • GrizzlyAdam: Herbalism and Alchemy (sub 300)
  • Chivers: Herbalism and Alchemy (sub 300)
  • Dub and Nevynoch: Skinning and Leatherworking (sub 300)
  • Fidgette: Mining and Engineering (sub 300)
  • Znakharka: Herbalism and Skinning (sub 300)
  • Hinny: Herbalism and .. cant remember, though she is the bank alt, and not likely to level.

The plan!

  • Pathak drops Mining in favour of Herbalism. This means he then qualifies for an epic flying mount, should the cash ever be available.
  • Stays that way until Pathak has caught up to GrizzlyAdam.
  • GrizzlyAdam drops Herbalism in favour of tailoring.
  • Chivers drops Herbalism in favour of tailoring.
  • When they get high enough, GA takes on the Primal Mooncloth production, and Bojsen switches to Spellcloth or whatever the other one was, depending on his needs (was it Soul cloth?) Maybe Boj and GA will both stay Mooncloth for a bit to double cloth production, and Boj only changes when everyone is sporting 20slot bags. nice.
At some point, Znak may take up Alchemy, so I'd have all three disciplines of Alchemy covered as well.

Yep, there's a couple of years work in here to execute this plan. oh boy.

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