Friday, June 01, 2007

Col gets neutered

Its been a while since there's been an update here.

Sometime after The Burning Crusade was released, The Higher Self started a Draenei Paladin to serve as the Guild Jewelcrafter. His name was Colèrejuste, and at a loose translation, its French for righteous anger, or angry justice.

However, due to WoW Term and Conditions, he's now just Colerejuste, which is probably just mildly offensive to French speaking nations. /sigh. /cry.

The ruling is, for character names, if its not on a standard 101/102 keyboard, then its not in your name. However, you're allowed the special characters in guild names and pet names. (Fling: Long live AngryBacon!)

Anyway, Col (or Colouradjuste, to his friends) spent his leveling days as a Retribution Pally. In more recent times he has respecced to a Hybrid pally, and should be able to effective heal in instance (should he ever choose to find out).

Currently, Col is in the middle of trying for his epic mount. His next task is to run DM for the spirit horse. He gets laughed at in the battlegrounds because he doesnt have his epic mount. He also doesnt have his flying mount yet, either, and cant until he has the riding skill that comes with the epic mount.

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