Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Need A Hero(ic)

Well, Pathak went ahead and dropped his Mining and took up Herbalism. It only took about 3 days to get up to speed. And now, he really needs that epic flying mount to get up to speed.

So, I started AHing like a mad bugger. Looked at what gems Col could cut for profit, ended up selling my stock of primal fire and have managed to get up to 3.2K gold across my alts after 2 weeks. Now I'm pretty much reliant on green gem cuts, dailies, cutting what few blues Col can prospect from Adamantite collected while doing dailies, and now and again, buying up cheap blue gems, cutting and putting back on the AH for 15 to 20g profit. The main aim is to now make 200g profit a day via this and the left overs of Bojsens quests in BEM, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley.

On the instance front, Pathak finally got to revered with CE. Now he has to start looking at gearing up in preparation for heroic dungeon instances. Though it maybe a little while before we start doing those (either getting Lunra and Morgrog to revered, and appropriately geared, or 2.3, whatever comes first), so Pathak will be loving his Arms spec while he still has it.

As far as gear upgrades go, I really only have one item that absolutely needs upgrading, and that is my green belt. The upgrade will come from the reward from How To Break Into The Arcatraz, to be completed by a successful Botanica run. However, there are two items that Pathak has his eye on for purchase after he has his epic flying mount. The first is Bracers of the Green Fortress. It requires a Primal Nether, so I'll probably end up farming the mats and getting someone to make this one. The other item is Red Havoc Boots. These are extra yummy defense boots that require 2 Primal Nethers and a whole bunch of Primal Fires. It'll be a long time coming before I get those.. who knows, maybe even WotLK will be out by then.

I guess when 2.3 comes out, and the likelihood of doing heroics becomes apparent, Pathak will be going back to Prot spec. He'll be looking forward to the extra 20 defense skill, and the free increase in stamina and strength. As a result, he'll be able to lower his defense rating from his kit a little, and invest a little more in shield block rating, so his shield bash will actually count for something more than just lip service.

On the other hand, he wont be looking forward to the gimping this will mean for his Arena runs. Pathak, Tegmark and Zaraq had a really good run in the 3v3 Arena on Monday night, winning 5 of our 10 games, the best effort so far. We actually went up in rating, which was good. The VOIP is really handy, as Teg can tell me to come closer to him for heals, and we can identify the opposition verbally, and decide on quick strategy for new opponents.

We're starting to come good on a few combos. One such combo is Druid/Warrior/Pally (ring any bells?) Except this combo had the Druid as healing, rather than DPS. Strategy: CC the druid and warrior, burn down pally, causing him to bubble and heal himself. While this happens, burn down the warrior (just keep him busy), until bubble is over, then burn down the pally to the ground. The take out the druid, then the warrior.

Other combo was the Warlock/Pally/Rogue. In this one, it is important to bring down the Warlock, while keeping the Rogue and Pally CC'd as much as possible. Once the Warlock is down, kill the Pally, kill the Rogue.

Mages and Warlocks seem to be a nasty combination, and I'm always a fan of bring either of these two down before working on the healer. Sheeping can be a real downer, as can fear. In berserker stance, there is always Pummel and that berserker one to combat the fear. Going to have to thing of alternate strategies when I go back to Prot, especially if I drop back to defense stance (hopefully shouldnt need to, but its need while since I've been Prot).

In other toon news, Grizzlyadam has dinged lvl50, hit his 375 alchemy, and is working through the Runecloth aspect of his tailoring. Because I'm spending all this time on Col, Boj and Pathak to mine, quest and herb, GA isnt getting much love to quest and collect more runecloth, so Hinny is keeping an eye out for runecloth stack bargains at less than 2g each. Things will pick up when GA completes the last 16 points needed to get to 300, and then can start doing something with all the netherweave that Boj is collecting from his questing in BEM. It's going to be good times when GA starts popping out Primal Mooncloth. Should be able to produce a Primal Mooncloth Bag (20slot) every 8 days. But I'm not going to do the math on how long it will take to outfit all my alts with 20slot bags. Thats too depressing. I dont think GA has even purchased all of his bank slots yet.

Chivers will be making a change back to Frost spec again. Sure, the high power of Fire is nice against a single target, but for leveling, I'm more interested in the survivability of multiple mobs. Teglass has advised me to watch "In Frost We Trust", a very handy guide to using AoE effectively while leveling. I'll be looking forward to using this against the melee pirates in Tanaris to collect magecloth for his tailoring efforts (yep, thats right, I still want 3 primal mooncloth producers until all my alts have 20slot bags - producing 3 20slot bags over a 16 day period is very appealing).

Oh, Colerejuste finally hit exalted with the Netherwing, and picked up his Cobalt Netherdrake. Of two minds about how practical it is. On the one hand, its very impressive. Doesnt go any faster than the epic bird. Its a bit bigger, and as a result, its wings can get in the way when you're trying to target something with the mouse. I guess I could eventually purchase a Nether Ray from the Skyguard and see how the slim lines on that one go.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Professional Sea Change

Bojsen hit 375 skill points with tailoring last night, so now he can go into Primal Mooncloth Bag production.

The only problem is that Primal Mooncloth is aimed at healers. The Primal Mooncloth outfits are all about +int, +spi and +heal. Not things Boj is really interested in, especially since they are BoP items.

Now GA.. he'd be interested in Primal Mooncloth.

So its time to change professions, once again. Here's the lay of the land now:

  • Pathak: Mining and Hammersmith (375 in both)
  • Colerejuste: Mining and Jewelcrafting (375 and 380 respectively. also has epic flying mount)
  • Bojsen: Tailoring and Enchanting (375 Primal Mooncloth and 340 respectively)
  • GrizzlyAdam: Herbalism and Alchemy (sub 300)
  • Chivers: Herbalism and Alchemy (sub 300)
  • Dub and Nevynoch: Skinning and Leatherworking (sub 300)
  • Fidgette: Mining and Engineering (sub 300)
  • Znakharka: Herbalism and Skinning (sub 300)
  • Hinny: Herbalism and .. cant remember, though she is the bank alt, and not likely to level.

The plan!

  • Pathak drops Mining in favour of Herbalism. This means he then qualifies for an epic flying mount, should the cash ever be available.
  • Stays that way until Pathak has caught up to GrizzlyAdam.
  • GrizzlyAdam drops Herbalism in favour of tailoring.
  • Chivers drops Herbalism in favour of tailoring.
  • When they get high enough, GA takes on the Primal Mooncloth production, and Bojsen switches to Spellcloth or whatever the other one was, depending on his needs (was it Soul cloth?) Maybe Boj and GA will both stay Mooncloth for a bit to double cloth production, and Boj only changes when everyone is sporting 20slot bags. nice.
At some point, Znak may take up Alchemy, so I'd have all three disciplines of Alchemy covered as well.

Yep, there's a couple of years work in here to execute this plan. oh boy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bojsens Rep Progression

Bojsen is my third toon that I'll be making an attempt to get to lvl70.

And for this one, I'm going to make a half decent attempt at minimizing the trauma of too many instance runs just to get to exalted with a particular faction.

Pathak was is a complete mess, with respect to faction reputation. BC came out, and he just jumped in there, completing Hellfire Peninsular, then moving on to Zangamarsh, Terroka Forst, Nagrand, Blades Edge Mountain, and a bit of flip flop between Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm. What a complete mess for all the factions he was trying to get exalted with. Even now, after a total of 56 played days, he has only just edged over Revered with a few BC factions.

Colerejuste was only marginally better. He attacked HFP, Zang, etc, in the same order. His only change was to grind Aldor until the Marks of Kil'jaeden were of no use, and to grind Tusks for Consortium before completing any of the quests. This was mostly because Consortium have some super sweet Jewelcrafting designs, and I also didnt fancy doing the big Aldor grind (not that I've completed it for Pathak either).

So, third time round, Bojsen is going to do what he can to maximize his reputation gains, to attempt to minimize his instance PUGing.

Last night, Bojsen his lvl64, so I thought I'd blog what he's done so far, and what might be his general plan of attack until he doesnt have to worry about maxing his rep any more.

Level 60 : Silithus, Winterspring, EPL/WPL : These were the last few places that Bojsen visited before and just after he hit lvl60. He want to leave BC as late as possible, and also wanted a few enchants available from the Timbermaw Hold.

Level 60 - 62 : Cenerion Expedition : Super sweet. Zangamarsh is awash with lvl60 to 63 mobs that can be taken down very easily by a lvl60 toon (lvl60 warlock anyway). Bojsen spent this entire time grinding Unidentified Plant Bits for CE rep. And because he was taking down Withered Boglords, he was also getting Sporegaar rep. At some point in lvl 62, Bojsen got really bored with gringing those Boglords, so he tottled off to do Sporegaar rep specifically, and then purchased his last 100 plant parts off the AH. After he hit Honored with CE, he started the quests.

Level 63 : CE continues, Honor Hold : Bojsen continued with his CE quests in Zang, and even started on the ones in TF. He also decided to make a start on his Honor Hold rep.

Some folk like running instances, some dont. I'm in the dont crowd. I mean, I like it if it goes well, but I really dislike long drawn out affairs, riddled with wipes and goons in the PUG that have taken a 5 minute break for a toke just before it starts (true story). However, Honor Hold rep means instance running, and lots of it.

So Bojsen started with a HH run that had a few guildies in it. That was good. Then he started doing general grinding on Shattered Hand mobs, because those give 5 rep a kill until Friendly. The Bojsen did another Ramparts run, and decided to leave Faction Grinding running for the duration. He discovered that its actually quicker, but way more boring, to grind the Shattered Hand mobs outside the instance until Friendly. The difference is slight (480rep/h vs 550 rep/h), but it was difference enough that Bojsen isnt going to bother with another Ramparts run until he's Friendly, or its a guild run. As at now, he's 500rep off being Friendly with HH. I estimate there will be about 8 or 9 Ramparts or Blood Furnace runs required to get from Friendly to Honored. Only after this will he start the main of the HH quests.

Bojsens adventures with the CE in TF led him to the Allerian Stronghold. Its a reputation neutral zone. Thats right, no rep with any of these quests, leaving pure experience up for grabs. Bojsen completed a bunch of these to push him through to lvl64.

Level 64 : CE, HH, Kurenai, Scryer : Bojsen is only just on this side of lvl64, so he'll have a little while to go before leveling again. During this time, he'll be free to do whatever CE quests he wants, do Ramparts and Blood Furnace for HH rep on weekends (because weekdays are a little quiet for Australians on a US server), complete the quests in northern Zang for his Kurenai intro, and grind Sunfury Blood Elves for Firewing Signets until he's silly in the head (or Honored).

The Future:

Here's the general plan of attack for Bojsens future.

  • Keep grinding Sunfuries until Honored with Scryer.
  • Keep running Ramparts and Blood Furnace until Honored with HH.
  • Not bother too much with Kurenai. Its more of a leather workers faction, and doesnt have much to offer tailor/enchanters.
  • Grind tusks until Friendly with Consortium. After that, you're free to do whatever quests you want with them.
  • Grind/buy feathers until Friendly or Honored with Lower City. I havent actually researched this one yet, but will be doing so shortly. I use wowwiki as my rep resource guide. This will mean that the quests from the caravan in the Bone Wastes will not be completed until I've exhausted my Lower City options.
  • Grind lvl68 Sunfuries until Honored with Shatt'rath City. Handing in Aldor or Scryer stuff will give you half SC rep. So Bojsen will keep on with Scryer until he can go no further with SC. That means the SE corner of Bone Waste will have to wait for quite a while.

And thats about it until he hits 70 and can start on the Skyguard, Orgri'La quests, then get that epic flying mount and start Netherwing (ha!).

If it works out well, GrizzlyAdam and the other alts will attempt to follow the same path. There will probably be alot more grinding in Nagrand for the leatherworkers (Nevynoch and Dubh) for the Kurenai rep. I'll also have to see were all the good stuffs come from for Engineering (for Fidgette) and Alchemy (for GrizzlyAdam and Chivers).

But by then, Wrath of the Liche King is like to have been released, and I'll be doing whatever with whoever to get myself a Death Knight. I hope they introduce a new character slot for the Death Knight.. even a specific Hero Class slot that means you can only get access to one Hero class per realm or one Hero type class per realm, leaving Hinny to be free to perform bank alt duties. It would be a shame to have to decide between Hinny and Znakharka (gatherer alts), and blow one of them away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I has petz


My nam iz Nevynoch. I is huntar, not huntard.

I has new bear, Cheeks. lol.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Col gets neutered

Its been a while since there's been an update here.

Sometime after The Burning Crusade was released, The Higher Self started a Draenei Paladin to serve as the Guild Jewelcrafter. His name was Colèrejuste, and at a loose translation, its French for righteous anger, or angry justice.

However, due to WoW Term and Conditions, he's now just Colerejuste, which is probably just mildly offensive to French speaking nations. /sigh. /cry.

The ruling is, for character names, if its not on a standard 101/102 keyboard, then its not in your name. However, you're allowed the special characters in guild names and pet names. (Fling: Long live AngryBacon!)

Anyway, Col (or Colouradjuste, to his friends) spent his leveling days as a Retribution Pally. In more recent times he has respecced to a Hybrid pally, and should be able to effective heal in instance (should he ever choose to find out).

Currently, Col is in the middle of trying for his epic mount. His next task is to run DM for the spirit horse. He gets laughed at in the battlegrounds because he doesnt have his epic mount. He also doesnt have his flying mount yet, either, and cant until he has the riding skill that comes with the epic mount.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ode to Smoked Desert Dumplings

Spiderman, Spiderman,
You dont taste as good as a Sand Worm can.
A little dirt, a little spice
An ice cold milk and your very nice.
Oh yeah, we likes the spicey worms.