Monday, December 04, 2006

Profession change

The following is a mail I sent to the guild regarding a profession change. Time for me to embrace my plate encased heart.

Its something I've been thinking about for a while, and the time is nigh.

Pathak will be dropping his Dragonscale Leatherwork and Skinning in
favour of Mining and Blacksmithing. Not sure what discipline yet, but
it will be something to complement guild talents.

Over the next week (or even tonight, if I have the mats), I'll be
making some of the high level items like Black Dragonscale Chest and
whatever else, just so I can use the Mats. I think I have 30 Black
Dragonscales to work with, and a handful of other mats like Heavy
Scorpid Scale, Blue, Green and Worn dragonscale.

I know we have a couple of other Dragonscale LW in the guild (Tlayan
at least, and I think there was someone else working on it), so I
might even end up handing the mats over, if the black dragonscale
piece is proving too much of a bother to put together (though Nevynoch
would really like the chest piece for when he comes of age).

From vague memory, Bel does some sort of weaponsmithing (Swords?) and
Jugger does armoursmithing, so I'll either take up Axe or Mace..
plenty of time until I have to make a decision on that.

Leatherworking has been a nice little enchanting junk maker during my
endgame years, but since disenchanting becomes linked to skill
shortly, and I dont want to lump my Wicked leather headbands on others
to DE, and I actually want to do some sort of plate work (or at least
be able to collect the mats for the way cool Dark Iron stuff that
Jugger can produce), it is time to make that change now, rather than
after TBE is released.

Lemme know if you have any special requests. I have some regular LW
patterns from the furbies (though I think you need to be Tribal or
Elemental to really benefit from that grind).

Maintain the rage,

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