Monday, December 04, 2006

Profession change

The following is a mail I sent to the guild regarding a profession change. Time for me to embrace my plate encased heart.

Its something I've been thinking about for a while, and the time is nigh.

Pathak will be dropping his Dragonscale Leatherwork and Skinning in
favour of Mining and Blacksmithing. Not sure what discipline yet, but
it will be something to complement guild talents.

Over the next week (or even tonight, if I have the mats), I'll be
making some of the high level items like Black Dragonscale Chest and
whatever else, just so I can use the Mats. I think I have 30 Black
Dragonscales to work with, and a handful of other mats like Heavy
Scorpid Scale, Blue, Green and Worn dragonscale.

I know we have a couple of other Dragonscale LW in the guild (Tlayan
at least, and I think there was someone else working on it), so I
might even end up handing the mats over, if the black dragonscale
piece is proving too much of a bother to put together (though Nevynoch
would really like the chest piece for when he comes of age).

From vague memory, Bel does some sort of weaponsmithing (Swords?) and
Jugger does armoursmithing, so I'll either take up Axe or Mace..
plenty of time until I have to make a decision on that.

Leatherworking has been a nice little enchanting junk maker during my
endgame years, but since disenchanting becomes linked to skill
shortly, and I dont want to lump my Wicked leather headbands on others
to DE, and I actually want to do some sort of plate work (or at least
be able to collect the mats for the way cool Dark Iron stuff that
Jugger can produce), it is time to make that change now, rather than
after TBE is released.

Lemme know if you have any special requests. I have some regular LW
patterns from the furbies (though I think you need to be Tribal or
Elemental to really benefit from that grind).

Maintain the rage,

I got the BRD runs

The last few days have seen some good experience doing Blackrock Depths and bits of Blackrock Spire.

On Thursday, I did my first trip into BRD and completed the Ring of Law, a few first parts for the prisonor quests and a visit to the bar. Since it was 7:30pm that we started and it was a weeknight, we decided to call it quits at the bar.

Then Friday, I did a second jaunt in BRD followed by some Lower Blackrock Spire (LBRS). That was a late night / earlier morning that took me to 4am.

On Saturday, we did a mammoth session in BRD. The main goal was Molten Core Attunment, but we ended up clearing the giant near the start and completing Jail Break. A 6 hour effort all up, and then, as you do, I followed up with a run into LBRS.

The details are all a bit blurry now, but I think we really wanted to do UBRS, but none of us had a key to get into that area (I think you need to complete the Seal of Ascension, of which I have 2 out of the 4 parts). So we went for a trundle into LBRS to collect components for the key. All my runs this weekend have been under the fantastic guidance of the guild dynamic duo, Pavlova and Lovechops.

Pavlova is a Dwarven Huntress with a great knack for leading through the instances. Rules are clearly laid out, and each fight is sure to have marked targets. After a few more runs with these guys and regular members, I think we're all going to be on the same page, and will be able to move quite quickly through the mobs with less hold up as each situation is assessed.

Lovechops is a Dwarven Priest, and he's been doing a really great job. He's usually got no damage done on the bill near the end of the instance. I think it would probably make me a better team player if I got myself a set of goblin jumper cables, for those rare moments where I'm the only one left standing.

Anyway, Saturday ended at about 3am Sunday.

Then on Sunday, we went for one last crack at BRD for the second part of the Princess quest line. We completed the first part of that quest line for three of the party members, and jumped into the Ring of Law (because thats some phat lewt right there).

Next we trundled up to the bar, and two of us completed the Love Potion for easy access through the door. (Tip: After completing the Love Potion, tell her to get a room, and she'll open the door. Much better that agro'ing the whole bar). We had a little bit of a wipe at the next section, as one of the runners got away on us. Then we made the calm trundle through to MC Attunement for one of the party members.. yay, MC Attunement for everyone!

Then we hit the Lycaeum(?). Wowser, what a room. Chockers with pats and groups of 1000HP dwarves with 20 to 30 second respawn. We made our way to one of the braziers, but didnt come across any flame keepers. It all went south from there as we tried to make our way back to the start. On our respawn we discovered the mobs had also respawned. We decided to push on, since we sent Zaraq (Nelfy Druid) ahead in stealth to see how far the respawn went. It wasnt far, so we pushed on through to the bar, and managed to sneak pass the golems that had respawned in the golem room.

The the made dash back to the Lycaeum was commenced to ride the wave of respawn, but a bit of agro was pulled in the bar. I think it may have come from the two patrollers that appear on the bridge before the bar entrance and followed one of us through the bar, causing the patrons to fire up. In hindsight, the thing to do here is for the ppl getting hammered to indicate the agro and say "Leave us". LC and myself would then leave them alone, they would die in a safe spot that could be easy to res from, and then we could continue on our way. But it didnt end up going down like that. LC and myself ran back to help, discovered half the bar pouring through the back door of the bar, and we all wiped. Back for another attempt.

More sneakiness through the golems, and this time a fireguard had come to inspect the disturbance in the bar. I ran in, collected the agro of the fireguard and dragged it through back door. Unfortunately, our mage decided to join in and freeze one of the guys I was suppose to pull, so we (and he) gained agro of the bar again, instead of just being me. LC managed to survive the wipe and res'd us.

So again, another attempt at a mad dash back to save the princess. Time for a bit of tactic. Zaraq stealthed and wandered in to find the flame keepers. Plan was to find them (or two at least), get in, light the braziers, and move on quickly. You seriously need a made for this section, or even two, because the AoE is madness. Even a warlock for AoE would be good and the void walker could drag a bunch of agro off somewhere else. Anyway, Z had a stab of pulling one of the flame keepers down, but that was enough to trigger agro from the surrounding mobs, and he died. The rest of us followed in, trying to get to the body for a res, but in the end it was a bit hopeless. The quick respawns and masses of patrols makes this area very very difficult. So we wiped and decided to call it.

All and all, a good effort, but I think I'll wait until after the expansion before coming back. Maybe at lvl62 or 63, I'll be able to come back and hammer those nasty dwarves into the ground.

After, Z and I went out for a bit of cathartic grinding and managed to grab the "Enchant Bracers - Superior Strength" (+9str to bracers) from the Deadwind Warlocks in Sleeping Gorge. W00t! I've been wanting those babies for a while. I also leveled a very very nice 2H sword that I'd picked up from a previous LBRS run.

Tonight will see me getting my bracers enchanted, and also have Bojsen disenchant his last high level items for a while. The patch on Tuesday will see the end of Rank and Honor as we know it, and also tie disenchanting to your characters level. Since Bojsen is only lvl 26 (I think), I'm going to have to level him all the way to 60 if I want to get stuff DE'd. However, I think Zaraq has already offered his DE services and will DE stuff for me. Which is nice, because those Wicked Headbands are cheap to make, and occasionally pop up with some nice Large Brilliant Shards.

Not sure if there's a count down yet, but its only 6 weeks until The Burning Crusades expansion pack. Yay!

Poetry from the dungeon

When you're waiting on an AoE cooldown in BRD, and dressed in a gnome pirate suit, sometimes a little poetry helps pass the time:

There once was a gnome from Nantucket
Who put all his sprockets in a bucket
When the bucket was bare
The gnome did declare
"Whats that golem over there? I might..."

Can you guess where I was for that one?