Friday, November 10, 2006

To flirt with Horde is to flirt with danger.

Or, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

But I'm a warrior, and if there's one thing a warriors good at, its being a tough exterior and a heart of squishy gold.

So when a couple of Horde lasses invited me for a dance, how could I refuse. Sandwiched between the lythe sinewy movements of a Forsaken and the oh so athletic quads of a Orc, I did strut my stuff. *grrll*

However, when we boarded the boat to Booty Bay, the girls let me down easy by falling asleep on the deck. Bit boring, really, but perhaps they'd had all nelf nookie they could handle. No, wait. Hang on. If they were really sleeping, they would have jumped in the single hammocks, instead of just going out cold on the deck. Doh!

But really, getting the feelings for Horde is not what you want to be doing, childrens. Had we been flagged, I'm sure they would have been eating me bits over an open fire somewhere in STV that night. Mind you, I do have a soft spot for Taurens.. purely platonic. Just a pity they're such angry bovine, or maybe misunderstood.

So next time you see Horde, not in the BG, give them a wave, share a joke and not your toothbrush.

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