Friday, November 03, 2006

The Daily Grind

Night time and full moon in Winterspring, near Winterfall Village
I've been grinding alot out at Winterspring recently. Grinding for two things:
  1. The prestige of having a Timbermaw Furbolg be available at my beck and call to help me out of scrapes where I've bitten off more than I can chew.
  2. The cash needed so I can get my hands on an epic mount: a big ridable kitty cat that goes much faster than the one I'm getting around on at the moment.
So far I'm about 800 rep from getting Revered with the Timbermaw Hold, which means I've got about 160 Winterspring Furbolg to hack into. Once I've done that, I can hand in all my Spirit Beads and Feather that I've been killing. That should get me about half way through Revered. I also stop getting rep from killing the furbies, so I need to collect more... about 1000 more. and considering Beads only seem to drop 33% of the time, thats another 3000 furbies to hack and slash. If it wasnt for the cash grind, I probably wouldnt bother.

Speaking of cash, I've now got 654g saved up. Which is a substantial amount for me. I used to have trouble even saving 40g. The epic mount is going to cost me about 720g for the riding skill and 80g for the mount itself. Given that I had 500g at the start of the week, I should imagine I'll have my eKitty the end of next week. Yeehah!

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