Thursday, November 16, 2006

Searing Gorge: Go, you good thing!

On my way to level 60, I skipped a couple of areas. One of these areas was Searing Gorge.

Well, now I'm 650 beads away from exalted with the Timbermaw, and I get a little bored with it. So last night I ventured down to the Searing Gorge to check things out.

And I must say, nice easy gold to be had for a level 60. Not as nice as if I had actually done Searing Gorge in the first place, and then had a whole bunch of WPL and EPL quests to do after 60, but good enough, since grind 20 level 49 mobs is a very easy feat.

I also finally got my Searing Gorge key, and helped Juggernut (guildy) get his.

Highlight of the night was doing the escort chain and culminating in Jugger and I pulling down the Obsidian Golem and that evil dwarf, thingybo the Dark/Black/Beige/White/Off White or the Bone, dear. (geh, I do go off track sometimes).

Jugger is an up and coming dwarven warrior on his way to 60. We did think that we'd just be up against the golem, but then the dwarf appeared, and we got into a bit of trouble. We managed to pull down the dwarf, but with no healer, the golem pounded us into the surrounding dark iron.

When I rezzed, the golem was still hanging around, so we had another crack. I went tank and lasted quite a while before asking for a bit of bandaging from Jugger, who was DPSing like a mad DPSing thing. GO TEAM! The bandaging was enough to pull that sucker down, quest completed!

All and all, quite a good night, with plenty more quests in that area to go. I earned 10g cash from the Winterfall furbies earlier in the night, and another 15g from my efforts in Searing Gorge.

I was also feeling especially generous.

  • Helped a couple of guildies with their quests (tit for tat on that, they helped me too)
  • Tried to help someone who had lost their Combat Log window. Somehow, they couldnt get/see the Combat Log tab, and in the end had to suggest find the UI reset button in the options menu.
  • Escorted someone to the Innkeeper in Darn. Usually, you might ignore, give coordinates, or use the mini map, but I thought a person escort would be best.
  • Gave Zend, a level 10 hunter a good start in the way of 5g. Zend did ask if I would help complete some quests, but I was wrapping up for the night. Besides he should have someone of similar level to help to maximize the experience earned from the mobs he'd have to bring down. So then he ask for a little cash for a noob. Well, anyone asking for cash for a noob (his words), probably isnt that much of a newbie. I admired his gall and pointed out that the epic mount I was sitting on cost 800g and a flying mount wouldnt be any cheaper, and would have to save the pennies. "oh". Then about a minute later, I remember the kindness the senior guildies had shown me, with getting me started so I tracked him down and gave him 5g. He couldnt believe his luck and said thanks. Sometimes, it feels good to give.

In other news, Hinny is becoming known as the Mistress of the Quick. She logs, she checks the mail, she checks the AH, she checks her assets and she's outa there. If you do see Hinny, give her a wave, quickly. Bam, gone!

Friday, November 10, 2006

To flirt with Horde is to flirt with danger.

Or, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

But I'm a warrior, and if there's one thing a warriors good at, its being a tough exterior and a heart of squishy gold.

So when a couple of Horde lasses invited me for a dance, how could I refuse. Sandwiched between the lythe sinewy movements of a Forsaken and the oh so athletic quads of a Orc, I did strut my stuff. *grrll*

However, when we boarded the boat to Booty Bay, the girls let me down easy by falling asleep on the deck. Bit boring, really, but perhaps they'd had all nelf nookie they could handle. No, wait. Hang on. If they were really sleeping, they would have jumped in the single hammocks, instead of just going out cold on the deck. Doh!

But really, getting the feelings for Horde is not what you want to be doing, childrens. Had we been flagged, I'm sure they would have been eating me bits over an open fire somewhere in STV that night. Mind you, I do have a soft spot for Taurens.. purely platonic. Just a pity they're such angry bovine, or maybe misunderstood.

So next time you see Horde, not in the BG, give them a wave, share a joke and not your toothbrush.


So proud, so very proud. Let me introduce Stormboy, my epic mount that I've been saving for. He gets me from A to B really really quickly and is well worth the 800g (well the riding skill was 720g and he was 80g, but he's the only epic mount i'll be buying for quite some time).

I finally got revered with the Timbermaw furbies, and the grind to exalted is going to take a while to get done. Not so fussed, however, as the cash grind is still good, and interest things are whispering on the wind.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Daily Grind

Night time and full moon in Winterspring, near Winterfall Village
I've been grinding alot out at Winterspring recently. Grinding for two things:
  1. The prestige of having a Timbermaw Furbolg be available at my beck and call to help me out of scrapes where I've bitten off more than I can chew.
  2. The cash needed so I can get my hands on an epic mount: a big ridable kitty cat that goes much faster than the one I'm getting around on at the moment.
So far I'm about 800 rep from getting Revered with the Timbermaw Hold, which means I've got about 160 Winterspring Furbolg to hack into. Once I've done that, I can hand in all my Spirit Beads and Feather that I've been killing. That should get me about half way through Revered. I also stop getting rep from killing the furbies, so I need to collect more... about 1000 more. and considering Beads only seem to drop 33% of the time, thats another 3000 furbies to hack and slash. If it wasnt for the cash grind, I probably wouldnt bother.

Speaking of cash, I've now got 654g saved up. Which is a substantial amount for me. I used to have trouble even saving 40g. The epic mount is going to cost me about 720g for the riding skill and 80g for the mount itself. Given that I had 500g at the start of the week, I should imagine I'll have my eKitty the end of next week. Yeehah!