Sunday, October 15, 2006

Greetings from Malygos

/y Hi All!

/s My name is Pathak and I'm a Night Elf Warrior from the realm of Malygos.

I've been on the go for a while now, probably a few months, since I decided it was time to stop hugging the trees, pick up a sturdy stick and start repeatedly bashing things over the head, 'til dead, in the name of the Alliance, Kalmidor, Azeroth and all thats good in the land.

Now that I've reached a maturity in my development (namely lvl60), I thought it might be time to start documenting my goings on. I do this for my own personal amusement, more than anything. I was not blessed with a vast amount of intelligence. This was a part of my choice to be a warrior, rather than anything else, but when I lay down to rest, my mind wanders and in the morning, I feel I should put quill to parchment to catch the meanderings of my daily dreamings.

Anyway, I can only do this for a few moments a day, because my brain starts to hurt and my fist starts shaking with uncontrollable rage. Another reason why the life of the warrior suits me so.

Until next time, stay angry.


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