Monday, October 23, 2006

Emo Rogue

Well, I would have hoped my first posting after creating this blog would be at least nice.

I had hoped it would contain the things that I'm doing, or not doing. Like :

  • Doing the PvP grind to get to Rank 8 and get some nice chest and leggings (not doing any more).
  • Grinding furbies 'til I'm blue in the face (its cold out at Timbermaw Post)
  • Saving for an epic mount (oh so many distractions, like that Unstoppable Force from AV)
  • Upgrading my Valor gauntlets and belt to Heroism (again with the distractions)

But no, I'm going to have a little bitch instead about etiquette and the grind.

Now, I may realise that I may indeed be the butthole in this story, but it needs to be told anyway.

The scene is as follows: I've just got Honored with the Timbermaw Hold and I'm looking to go all the way to Exalted. No small task and it involves a very dedicated grind. I'm not that dedicated, but nonetheless, I'm giving it a burl.

So I've staked out a patch at the Timbermaw Post, relentlessly mowing down Winterfall furbies as much as I can. There is very little competition in the area. Mostly me, and Corporal Lada who seems to be some sort of bot most of the time. You can never be 100% sure, but little signs like being stuck running into a tree, or Lada's owl attacking my current target when its halfway dead, or even just running by perfectly good furbies in favour of one further down the way. I dont mind Lada too much. The owl does come in handy sometimes and its Ladas own fault for not having a decent farming bot script.

Anyway, I'm grinding away, and notice new competition. A gnome rogue, appearing behind my next potential target. Oh well, nevermind, on to the next one.

And I continue to grind for another 5 minutes or so.

Then as I'm looking around for the next target (because pickings are getting slim), I see a fresh spawn and head straight for it. Lo and behold, guess who should be just a couple of step the right and rear of me. Our friend the gnome rogue, Badsanta. Seeing that he might have wanted to make it a race, I get within charging distance, and put the juice on. Nothing particularly special.. that what I do as an Arms warrior. Charge, rend, sunder, sunder, sunder, mortal strike, heroic strike, etc, etc, and variations thereof.

So I win the race and get the target. Yipee me for me, plenty of furbies in the Post, better luck next time, Badsanta.

Except Badsanta sends me though a tell/whisper and tells me how rude I am. Wha? Huh? So I reply back with something like "Having somebody looting the chest of a mob you're currently fighting is rude, this is grinding for rep".

Well, not good enough for Badsanta. Another tell (I cant quote is because I dont remeber exactly how it went but it was something like ) - I dont care what you call it END OF STORY THAT WAS A VERY RUDE MOVE YOU JUST PULLED BYE BYE!

Interesting. I just let it go for a few moments... had my next mob to grind. Then I remember that some of these mobs are part of a quest for the Timbermaw, so perhaps Badsanta was a little put out that I had bet him to the chase. I didnt feel too badly for this, given all the times Horde rogue has sapped me, poisoned me, backstabbed me and generally killed me flat without me being able to get a swing in. So after a bit, I decided to tell Badsanta that the furby grind is a part of the larger rep grind, and you'll see much worse than that over at the Winterfall Village. So I looked up Badsanta and noticed he was still in the area and only level 53. Or, poor wee thing. He must have been really put out, having a big meany lvl60 charge and get a target that was never his anyway.

So I send through my whisper "I dont mean to take issue with you, but do you know how many furbies need to be killed to get to exalted?".

Badsanta is ignoring you.

WTF!? I guess Badsanta really did mean END OF STORY. Well, that made me kinda angry, which was good, because I needed the rage to kill the next furby, but serve someone up a dish and then ignore them?

Plots of revenge plagued my fragile little mind. What could I do? No point trying to reason. Maybe I could just get rude and be a total jerk. Maybe I could just ghost the little turd and make his whole day suck! (after all, it was 5AM server time). But no, thats not the spirit of the guild.

I did consider asking Zaraq to keep an eye out for Badsanta. Zaraq is also on the furby grind, and at the time of blogging, is about 3/4 through revered. And his hunting ground is the Winterfall Village. Great swathes of furby dead piled around there with great bit kitty form -=Z=- torn into their backsides in that area. But no, that would be too vindictive.

So I just left it at that, and now leave it at this (for the moment). Badsanta, bad loser.

So what are the worse things you can see when grinding for furbies? The worst I've seen is tagging. A single toon tagging multiple enemies, freezing them, or fearing them, making them all theirs and leaving none for anyone else. Fair enough, sometimes.. its part of the grind. I like to watch the frost mages gather up groups of Deadwood furbies and kill 6 or 8 at a time. Beautiful to watch, but doesnt leave much for the warrior who can only take on two at a time (and even then, its serious downtime for healing when he does). I'm sure Zaraq has seen worse, since the Village gets alot busier than the Post.

Anyway, I'm sure I shall see Badsanta again in my wanderings. Next time I shall be sure to mention I've been checking the backsides of all my furby kills, just to make sure it doesnt have Badsanta branded there. Sure, there might be a few assholes resembling Badsanta, but I'm pretty sure I wont find the labels.

(Ok, that last bit might have been a bit harsh, but doing a shouty whisper and then ignoring? That is rude!)

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